Babies and Children

Babies …

Please don’t put mineral oil on them! Or wash them in SLS!

Waitrose own range is fab for babies/kids. I used the body butter and oil when Elsie was little. Still use the body oil (it’s solid and melts when you get a bit out) on Elsie’s dry legs. Just don’t use anything with mineral oil in it – which unfortunately is all of the Johnson range. Also, if babies have dry skin, avoid SLS foaming washes like the plague – again in Johnson’s. I use the kids Naked range from Boots for Elsie – even now: shampoo, bubble bath. Anything natural. Naked is about £4 a bottle so not too bad. Hope that helps! 

Burt’s Bees is the other brand from Boots.  Def recommend that brand too. I used their nappy ointment instead of sudocrem (so bad it doesn’t even deserve a capital letter!), which is like 95% mineral oil – why are we told to put that on babies bums!!?!?

***** Edited to say: this evening I watched a bloody Johnson & Johnson advert with a gorgeous little baby having a bath. The quote was ‘a lovely lather’ … HMM. Lather with J&J= SLS. Considering most babies have dry skin, SLS is THE worst thing for it. Grrr. Throw out the J&J products people! (or at least check for MO and/or SLS).


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