Morning Acid Tone (Step 2 after cleansing) …

Acid toner

If you’re new to any kind of routine, go easy on the acid tone. Maybe do it every other day for a few weeks/months until your skin gets used to it. I’ve been doing this step about 4 years now so I use every day (sometimes twice a day). Soak a cotton pad (I use Tesco value). Swipe over one half of the face (avoid the actual eye, but I go quite close), then turn the pad over and do the other half. Done.

It is normal to feel a slight tingle – not ok to feel burning *I want to scratch my face off*. Acid toners resurface the skin like a scrubby exfoliator does, but without the harshness. They contain acids and plant sugars that help to get your glow back a bit. They help with scarring, pigmentation and pores. I wouldn’t be without them now, so much so, that I only do a manual scrub exfoliator about once/twice a month on my nose only.

Ones I use:

Pixi Glow Tonic – 18 pounds (my pound sign doesn’t work?!)

Clarins Gentle Brightening Exfoliant –  24 pounds or Clarins counter in Boots.

Other ones that I have used and love include :

REN Clarifying Toner – 10.40 (currently on offer in M&S – normally 13)  * This is much gentler so a good one to start with*

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant – 17 pounds

First Aid Beauty exfoliating pads – 20 pounds or


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