Morning Cleansing …

Morning cleansing only -NOT night time!

Always always with a wash off cleanser – cream or SLS free gel. I have about 8-10 on rotation – depending on what my skin feels like. You don’t want anything that foams or contains SLS sodium lauryl sulfate – dries skin out like you wouldn’t believe = skin creates more oil to compensate = oil slick face. Yuck.

All are to be put straight on to dry skin (ignore what the advice on the bottle/tube is). Then massage for about a minute and then removed with a clean flannel with warm/hand hot water (I use Tesco value flannels – no muslin crap. They don’t hold the heat from the water).

Baby wipes, in fact wipes of ANY description – even ones made for skin (not bums) are EVIL!! Step away from the wipes! You’d be better off with bath water! 

(In response to questions on FB) – Johnson’s contains mineral oil otherwise known as petroleum. I do not put that anywhere near my face. Many beauty brands now specify that they are anti – mineral oil and don’t use any bi – products of the petrol/oil industry. Always check labels for petroleum or mineral oil. It’s a filler and no use whatsoever. My skin always always breaks out when I put that anywhere near it.

RE: Tropic. Really lovely stuff! Def rate it. Especially the cleanser as long as with a flannel not muslin. Also really like the eye roll on – nice and calming. I’m saving mine for when hayfever appears. I like the moisturiser too but it is quite rich, so great for winter or v dehydrated days. Overall – I’d buy it over Liz Earle’s any day and it is cheaper I believe.

What is Dermalogica like? ——> Can be really harsh. Despite the name – actually doesn’t come from dermatologists at all. Some products are ok but some cleansers can strip skin. I used one years ago and it made my skin peel it was so harsh. Check ingredients – you want no alcohol or MO or SLS. No petrol chemicals either.


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