Morning eye cream (step 4) …


So – eyes. Now I’m only 31 so my eyes aren’t bad but they are quite sensitive. My main issues are dark circles and preventative wrinkle care. Looking at my mother, I’m going to inherit some mean saggy eye lids and puffy under eyes (I already own lovely hooded eye lids!), so I’m happy to spend a bit on eye related creams. Having said that – I’ve spent tons of money over the years on crap eye creams and either do bugger all, or they make me cry!

Historically, we’ve always been told to apply eye cream with ring finger and dab. This is a bit ‘wishy-washy’ for me. I use the middle ringer and apply more pressure. If you’ve got really sensitive eyes stick to patting/dabbing.

These are the only ones I rate so far…

Benefit It’s Potent – 25 pounds – I really think this has lightened my dark circles. Use am/pm. ***I’ve just done a quick search and there are some REALLY crap reviews of this cream …. but … I loved it, so everyone really does have a different opinion!

Vichy – French. Under £20. I use for wrinkles. Quick thick but absorbs quickly. Am/pm.
LRP – French. or Boots. £20. Strange cooling applicator. Use AM only. Slightly tinted.

Other eye products I use now and then:
Liz Earle Eye Bright. I leave this in the fridge and soak a cotton pad – then lay down and soak the eye. Excellent for irritated, red eyes.
Tropic eye rollerball (not sure that’s the official title!). Great for morning wake up (similar to that famous Garnier rollerball one I used years ago). Feels lovely on tired, sore eyes. Perfect for hayfever eyes.

Another one I have just purchased to sort out dry skin around my eyes:

Origins Eye Doctor 28.50. I look forward to trying this out and reporting back! (origins do some lovely eye products)

An eye question: Any tips for dry patches on eye lids please Jane? She’s on medication for spots and has dreadful scaly skin around eyes poor thing. Any recommendations?


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