Morning hydrating tone (step 3 after cleansing) …

Cleanse. Acid tone. Hydrating tone – that is where we are now:

Basically, this is where you use your nice spelling face mists/toners. Anything that contains glycerin to hydrate skin. Do not use anything in it with alcohol. If the toner isn’t in a spritz/spray bottle, soak a cotton pad and swipe over the face. Turn it over and repeat. Spraying it is better though…

Ones that I use all the time:

MV Organics – Rose Mist – spray toner. Nice fine mist. Smells like roses. Nice but mega expensive.
Tropic Vitamin Toner – good price, smells gorgeous. Spray toner. Nice fine mist.
Clarins Extra Comfort Toner – 15 pounds (amazing price!)

La Roche Posay Serozinc -£7.20 – Fab for more oily/blemish prone skin. The zinc in it really helps improve nasty spots and sore patches. This has only just become avaliable in the UK (and prior to the I used to make my brother/parents bring me back supplies from France -that is how much I love it!) 

Liz Earle Skin Tonic – 15 pounds – This is only LE product I like. Smells lush.

The Body Shop – I also have (not pictured above) several of those plastic spray bottles you can buy in Boots – filled with TBS Vitamin E Toner and one with Aloe Toner in. They both contain glycerin and are fab.

*****Bargin alert! ***** Loreal Age Perfect Refreshing Toner – 2.99 Superdrug. I love this one – smells lovely and cheap as chips!


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