Morning serum (step 5) …

Serums are, traditionally, where you should spend the money (though I have a recommendation that goes against this!). You should chose your serum for your skin condition on a day to day basis (meaning you may have 2/3/4 on the go – ideally). Your skin is never, ever going to be constantly oily/dry etc. – it varies.

Here are mine (they are pricey but cheaper options to follow in a min).

Pai Blemish Serum – pricey £40 ish. I use this when I’m mega spotty. Avaliable online at
REN Radiance Serum – £25 I think. For use with dull skin that lacks something. Maybe to fade scars/pigmentation. M&S on offer at the moment.

Origins Perfect world – anti aging serum. Quite ££. Really smooth application. Feels a bit silicone-like, but doesn’t contain it – some might not like that.

Clarins Renewal serum – am trialing this right now (sample size). I like it. Again – anti ageing purpose.
Caudalie C15 – sample size. Not bad ££ for a high strength anti ageing. Really light. ***update- I like this a lot!

Vichy Aqualia Serum – this is my favourite serum of the lot. A must for dehydrated/dry skins. Really beautiful. on offer until end of March £16 I think.
Indeed Labs Hydraluron – £20ish (I always wait until 3 fr 2 in Boots. ***ON OFFER RIGHT NOW 20 pounds!) Pure hyaluronic acid – the highest concentrate that can be purchased. This smooths/perfects/hydrates.

These last two serums are my favourite ones by a mile.

****Updated – I purchased the two serums above from Aldi. I have been trialing the H20 Aqua Complete one over the last week and I love it! It is hard to find a bad word to say about a serum that feels like it is about 8 times the price. It is very very similar to the Vichy one mentioned above: light, sinks in easily, hydrating and general gorgeous – and it is 3.49 (HOW!??!!?). I googled a lot of the ingredients and there are NO nasties in it at all – which is amazing. So, if you cannot afford the rest of the serums above – buy two from Aldi (the H20 and the Q10) – use them on rotation and you’ll be fine!

Question from FB: What is the deal with no 7 perfect and protect serum? I spend a small fortune on this ( in my eyes) every two months- i think it is good but it could be psychological ? Does it contain loads of crap? ——–> In a word, crap. P&P is full of silicones and to be honest, you’d be better off buying the Aldi one and saving your money. Google it. The Aldi one wins every time! It was blind tested before it was released and 95% of women picked it over loads of other serums (Lancome/P&P/Creme De Mer!). Bargin. Buy it. Buy a vat of it!


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