So, back to the beginning …

I’m going to trawl through the Facebook posts from the start and add bits and pieces to the blog, so most of this stuff you’ll all have seen before. We’ll get to new stuff asap!


So, morning routine: 

Morning only:
1. Cleanse – with one cleanser listed in photos. Hot flannel. Product onto dry skin only. Don’t bother wetting your face until you’ve massaged it in.
2. Tone – acid toner. Photo to follow. Not as scary as it sounds!
3. Hydrating toner – ditto. Can be in a spray form.
4. Eye cream – ditto.
5. Serum – ditto
6. Moisturiser – ditto
7. Spot treatment if needed.
8. Primer/s
9. Make up

Evening routine is different. I’ll go in to that soon.
Hope that helps!


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