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Sometimes, you just need to be able to get it from Boots…

It seems that from what has been said so far, budget is a major thing with skincare. I totally get this, and spending £80 on a cleanser is a bit bonkers (no I’ve not done it! Honest!!). However, once you get to 30 and over, you really need the products to be doing something for your skin issues: wrinkles/adult acne/dryness/oiliness etc – otherwise what is the point? There are obviously cleansers/moisturisers out there for £4-5 and if they work for you – great. But, the cheaper you get generally speaking, the more nasty fillers you get: mineral oil, parabens, irritating fragrances, silicones etc. These are all things I don’t really want on my face…

Mineral oil sits on the skin, clogging follicles – producing grease/sebum. Parabens have been linked to all sorts of nastiness. I think, personally, once you’re over 30, if you need skin issues to be dealt with, you need to up the amount you’re willing to pay: say to £20 a cleanser instead of £5.

Below are a list of what I would consider, ‘budget brands’ with cheaper products that don’t mean fillers/nasties and that still work. I’ve used products from them all – still do. Sometimes you just need something you can get in Boots….

Organic Surge – available in Waitrose and online. Lovely cleanser/toner/ SLS free shower gels too.
Una Brennan Superfacialist – any products. Best budget range in my opinion. Avaliable in Boots. Love the cleansing oil and vitamin c moisturisers. Def recommended.
The Body Shop – love vitamin e range – esp. Moisturiser and toner. Love anti ageing pomegranate range. Fab body butters. Amazing night cream (coming up!).

Failing all that – a good (£6-7) tub of cold pressed virgin coconut oil is a great cleanser/makeup remover. Just make sure you use a nice hot flannel, not muslin, for a few minutes afterwards. And use a toner too. Works a treat. I use when I want something pure and natural. Great as an elbow moisturiser too…


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