Evening Cleansing (Step 1) …

Eye makeup removal ..

So, I just walked through the door about 10 minutes ago and sorted out my face. Yes. At 7pm. Do not wait until bedtime! I always take make up off/put night time skincare on as soon as I get in: bra off, hair up, pj’s on, face clean. That way, later on, I can just go straight to bed instead of faffing with my face AND any oil/moisturiser won’t end up smeared around my pillow. Lovely.

I always take eye make up off with a separate remover. I know it’s easier with an all in one cleanser, but I don’t want it smeared all over my face. Also, some of those all-in-ones (Liz Earle C&P) make my eyes hurt if I have to scrub them to get mascara/eyeliner off.

So, eye make up removers above. I like the Lancome one but it’s pricey for what it is. The Garnier (or any micellar water Nivea do a lovely one – cheap too) is about £3 and always on offer somewhere. I got this in Tesco.

Micellar is a mix of oil and water and is the best formula to breakdown eye makeup. Very gentle but effective. I have mega sensitive eyes when it comes to removing slap, and this works and treat. I really don’t think it’s worth paying any more than £3 or so.

So, soak a cotton pad (I use tesco value), one for each eye. Lay over eye for about 20-30 seconds and tap gently. Remove and wipe gently. Repeat if wearing waterproof mascara or heavy makeup. This is only for eyes!

Here are a few more that I’ve tried and recommend:

LRP Micellar Water 10 pounds –

Bioderma Sensibio H20 – 10 pounds This is THE most famous eye makeup remover in the world. It is on all the catwalks and the ones the models use to remove make up fast between shows. Very mild. Only just been avaliable in the UK (again, parents used to ship this back with them!).

*****BARGIN ALERT Nivea 3 in 1 Sensitive Micellar Water – 1.89 Boots –

Garnier 2 in 1 Remover 2.17 Boots –



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