Evening eyes (step 5) …

Eye cream …

Same as day eye creams but I wouldn’t waste the LRP eye cream as it is tinted and covers bags during the day. About a pinenut size for each eye – one blob on each ring finger. Put together to distribute product and then go to the eye. Around the whole eye contour – the whole eye socket, including lid and up to the eye brow.

I use the Benefit one or the Vichy one at night. And this is where I am going to use my new Origins one that I’ve just ordered.

Origins Eye Doctor 28.50

Also, if eyes are feeling raw/sensitive – this might be where I’d use Liz Earle’s Eyebright: soak two cotton pads, lay down for 5 minutes, put cotton pads on eyes and RELAX! (Ha, I really need to follow my own advice!).  – 13.25 pounds.

Sorry there aren’t any more ‘budget’ eye creams here – I simply haven’t found any that I like enough to recommend! If you have one, let me know though.


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