Evening moisturiser (step 7) …

After oil (or instead of) and/or after serum I use a night moisturiser/cream. Sometimes I only use a serum and the night moisturiser and ditch the oil altogether as said in the previous post; it really depends on how skin feels (and what the weather is like – oil def needed in winter cold – less needed in warm weather unless sun burnt).

I use a penny sized amount over face and another penny for neck/décolletage. Neck/décolletage skin is the first thing to show your real age and sag. Keep it moisturised or it’ll go flakey.

Night creams I use:

Elemis Pro Collagen Night Cream – reportedly the world’s best selling night cream. Pricey (like 50 pounds a pot -for not very much and, as yet, no fantastical results …). Not my favourite but it is targeted at 50+…
Origins Make A difference plus treatment – £34. Lovely light gel texture. Smells gorgeous. Perfect for dehydrated skins that are spotty/blemish prone. Recommended.
Aurelia Cell Revitalise – Spacenk. £42. Nice, heavily scented. Not sure it does what I want it to – but generally a nice night cream. But, due to the price, I prefer the Origins above.

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox -£15 Had amazing reviews. Designed for blemishes/pores/marks/uneven tone and mainly oily prone skin – however I still use it (mainly on chin/jaw). Not as nourishing as others – I only use once/twice a week (if/when hormonal spots are around).

Origins drink up intensive mask – £23. This is a leave on overnight mask. Smells lush. Really good for dry/dehydrated skin. Only need a tiny bit – lasts for ages! Recommended.

And then there is the Night cream to end all night creams …. (in my opinion!). I LOVE this stuff!
TBS Drops of Youth Bouny Sleeping Mask 22pounds. Strange gel/jelly/cream texture. Comes with a little scoop. Perfect fr or dehydration/dry skin. The glass jar will last you got ages. It feels beautiful on the skin and melts in wonderfully. Smells lush. Feels cool. I am not going to be without it! EVER!
Budget versions I like:
Una Brenan Superfacialist Neroli Night Cream 17.00
Weleda Wild Rose Night Cream – 12.50 (Weleda is a lovely, natural, plant based brand – love their stuff. Have used some of their creams on Elsie).

…………… And I’m a little intrigued by this new offering from Garnier (although I suspect the ingredients to be dodgy …). If anyone tries and likes/hates – let me know!


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