Evening oil/serum (step 6) …

So, eyes are done … Onwards .. (it’s almost bed time!)

On really dehydrated days (or every other day if not), I use an oil in the evening on top or instead of (personal preference – same serums as day time) a serum. Do not avoid oil if you have oily skin. Oily skin is oily because your skin is parched and needs to make extra oil to compensate. If you’re giving it oil, the production will stop = you become less oily and more balanced. This is how I sorted out my oil slick face! Now I only get oily around my nose – very occasionally.

Oils that I use:

Clarins Blue Orchid Oil is for dehydrated skin. Lush plant oils – nothing nasty or synthetic and def no MO! 3-4 drops massaged for a minute all over face and neck. Bliss. 29.00

They do a gorgeous one for oily/combo skin called Lotus Oil. 29.00 That is what I sorted my skin with. It’s beautiful!

Santal Oil – for really dry skin (flaking/peeling/sore) 29.00

They are pricey £30ish but a bottle lasted me well over a year. I think they are the best of the best oils.

More purse-friendly alternatives that I’ve used in the past/present:

TBS – Vit E Oil/Serum – quite a new product for me. Gorgeous though. Light. V v decent price – 13.00pounds . Same as above – 3-4 drops all over face an neck. This is your serum so you def don’t need one under this.

Boots Botanics Organic Facial Oil – 6 pounds (normally 9)

Good Things Argan Facial Oil – (a really affordable and excellent brand with no crap in) 6.99

Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil by Sanctuary Spa – £17 (not exactly budget – but cheaper than Clarins). This is fabulous stuff.

Question from FB page: So would this go around eye area too Jane or is that a no no, should we only stick with eye creams in that area? ————> I stick with eye creams. Your eye cream would already be on by the time you get this on anyway, so you don’t want to rub the eye cream off. I’d take it up to the eye bone/socket and around the edge but not where dark circles are or anywhere near the actual eye

So, 3-4 drops massaged around the face – slowly. Take your time – this should be the most pleasurable step of the routine!

Serums –

If using an oil (or TBS oil in serum) I don’t tend to use a separate serum (I don’t like how the oil then feels on my face over the serum, some serum and oil combinations don’t work so well). If I’m using a night cream and no oil, I’ll definetely use a serum – usually one of the ones shown in the morning routine – usually an anti-ageing serum or a hydrating serum:

Usually one of these two:

Or the Clarins/Caudalie here:

Or this newbie -that I am loving right now (and I’ve only had it three days!

TBS Drops of Youth Concentrate –

In reality – you can use any serum – even your Aldi H20 one.


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