Anti-Ageing Masks …

These two products are pricey (I got them in duty free in Gibraltar on holiday) after going for an amazing Elemis facial on board the cruise ship. I obviously should have purchased them from the facialist but knew duty free was coming up!! They are aimed at serious anti ageing – something that I’m not hugely worried about right now, but more as a preventative measure as at the moment I’m only 31. Most Elemis skincare is aimed at over 45‘s apparently.

These masks are lovely however – full of lovely ingredients and no nasties. The eye one I especially rate. About once a week I’ll apply it and leave it on for half an hour or so. Wipe off with a cotton pad soaked with Clarins Extra Comfort Toner. Then put on my normal hydrating one for bed. I feel it just makes things smoother. I’m sure the effect will be much more on someone with more wrinkly eye skin.

The face mask is just a lovely lovely mask. Again, designed for more heavy wrinkles that need a lift – so I don’t have any proof of any amazing changes! But, I trust Elemis as a brand – and I will definitely be using them when I am 45+.

Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz  Lift Mask 34.99 (amazing price for this! I paid closer to 45)

Elemis Absolute Eye Mask- 31.00 (again, great price)


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