Body products …

Now, I may spend hours and hours on my facial skincare – but when it comes to body I’m a bit less fussed. Maybe if I had a nicer looking body I might be more worried?!

Anyway – these are my products of choice. I’m not hugely fussed about mineral oil (MO) on my body (boobs down) as I don’t suffer with really dry skin – it’s very normal skin (apart from knees, elbows and tops of feet – weird). Having said that – if there was a choice between with or without – I’d always go without MO. And I’d never put it on Elsie’s skin – ever.
My body lotion requirements are: needs to sink in fast; nourishing; cheapish (I’d rather spend £££ on my face); nice smell. That’s it. It really isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on a body lotion. If it is more expensive, it has to do something else for me (massage oil/shimmer etc).

Garnier Body Repair – £3 somewhere. This was on offer in Tesco. It’s always on offer somewhere. Sinks in well. Moisturises well. Smells lovely. What more is there?! I always come back to this. Does contain MO though.
TBS coconut body butter. I only ever buy this on offer or a discount voucher. It isn’t worth the £15 or whatever they charge. But it is lovely. Reminds me of summer. Nice and thick and and perfect for elbows.
Kiehls Creme de Corps. Spacenk. £££££. This was a present (I harped on and on about!). It’s nice. It does what it says on the tin. It’s meant to be THE most popular body lotion ever (hmm). I prefer the Garnier. It just doesn’t wow me and it bloody should for the price!!
Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body oil – sample size. Qvc/ Now, this is pricey in the full size but this is a product I would buy again. It’s SO luxurious and smells A.MA..ZING! Can be used as massage oil. I use it on my décolletage and boobs/arms so I can smell it – no point wasting it on legs!! Cheap alternative is coconut oil.
This is a bit different.
This is THE perfect product if you’re going on holiday and/or you’re tanned. It shimmers beautifully and smells divine. You can get it without the shimmer but hell – what’s the point and who doesn’t love shimmer on tanned skin?! As it says – use spritzed on hair/skin/face. It’s not greasy – sinks in within seconds and you almost don’t need perfume! Lush. I won’t go on holiday without it ever again.



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