Evening lips (step 8) …

I never ever, ever go to bed without lip balm on. Ever. Night time is when everything rejuvenates – including lips. Going to bed without anything on them is starving them of moisture; bit mean considering how much time/effort you’ve spent on your face!

Whilst I’m talking lip balms – that does not include Vase line. NO NO NO! Vaseline is 100% pure petroleum. There is nothing else in it. And nothing worse for your skin. Ever put Vaseline on and then had to put more on? …. And more?…. And more….? That’s because it doesn’t bloody work! All you are doing is coating the surface – none of that petroleum is sinking in (thank god – who the hell would want to put a petrol by product on your lips!?!?). You need oils – nice oils. Or moisturisers like glycerin.

About 80% of lip balms for sale today are petroleum – so check labels carefully. The famous Maybelline Babylips is all petroleum. Revolting. And about 70% of lip products are ingested – so that lovely petrol by-product is being eaten. Delightful.
Here are my alternative favs (chuck that vaseline away!):

Caudalie lip conditioner -£5 Lovely lovely mild balm. No nasties. Cheap. Very moisturising. Love it.
Rodial Stem cell – no idea of price – was a magazine freebie! I use this in the day as it plumps lips but thought I’d bung it in here. Very nice. Pure plant oils.
Tropic Lip Love -£4.95 I think. Oils again. Smells like tangerines. Lovely stuff. Very moisturising.
Nuxe Reve de Meil – £9 or M&S. Totally different from others. Very very thick. Goes on matte and needs working in to the lips. Very conditioning. Designed for a night time treatment really.

Failing that – good old coconut oil! Steve uses coconut oil for a lip balm, elbows, knees, dry hands.
If I could only take one product to a desert island – (and that decision alone would kill me!!) – it would be coconut oil.

Another brand I rate is Burt’s Bees – their tinted lip balms or regular ones are petrolum free and cheap. 3.49 – bargin

Korres is another natural favourite brand of mine (for skincare and body products too) – especially for lip products. Comes in loads of different colours/flavours/tints -8 pounds. I have Jasmine and Pomegranate and I love them.

Others I’ve tried and like:

Clarins Hydraquench Moisture  Replenishing Lip Balm – 16 pounds. Pricey but lush.

REN Vita Mineral Lip Balm – 9 pounds


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