Hair products …

This was a request after talking to some friends today. Now, I wash my hair twice a week (yes I know – yuck yuck – I’ve been given v v disapproving looks/comments about this recently for some reason!). My hair is ridiculously thick, coarse and quite wavy/curly underneath. I very rarely blow dry it – can’t be bothered and it takes bloody ages! When I do, I use the heat protection spray below. Aside from that – I do very little!

V05 texture spray – £4 tesco. I use this when my hair is a bit blah/flat. It’s usually massive and crap but when I want a bit more texture/definition I use this. Love it.

Got2be heat spray – £4 tesco. Only when using hair dryer/straighteners. Or on hols in hot weather.

John F curl mousse £6 boots. Use this when I am embracing full on curls. Kinda makes my hair a bit crispy for a day, then is ok. I scrunch into the ends and leave.

Pantene dry shampoo £3 tesco. I’ve used a lot of dry shampoos. The famous one – beginning with B (can’t remember it) made my hair go grey when I sprayed it – even the one for brown hair (!?). I much prefer this one. Lasts ages and I can (if needed) get 2 days of dry shampooing with this, before I need to wash it. Bargain. I’ve always got the mini one in my bag for emergencies!

****Update: I’ve just purchased these two bits from Bumble and Bumble for curly hair – I’m testing them out and will report back soon!

Curl Conscious Defining Cream 21.00

Curl Reactivating Mist 18.95


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