Hair …

Moroccan Oil – £30

I’ve tried SO many Moroccan Oil/hair oil imitations and I hated them all. Sorry. I make no apologies for the price. I bloody love this stuff. 1 pump on the ends of damp hair is all I need. I got this bottle Xmas 2013 and I’ve used 1/3. My last bottle lasted me 3 years. Totally worth it. Just softens the ends of hair. I have had NO split ends using this (I got my hair cut in July last year for the first time in about 3 years) and I credit this product (it’s the only one I use religiously) for keeping my hair nice. I tried the L’Oréal one – Extraordinary oil – but it is loaded with slippery silicone and my hair hated it; turned the normally-dry-ends into a greasy mess. I will not stray again!

Tangle Teaser -£8. Best hairbrush ever (apart from the £80 Mason Pearson brushes). I will never use another brush again. I use this of Elsie’s hair too. It makes light work or my messy tangles (those annoying ones you get at the back of your neck when you’ve been wearing a scarf – what is that about?!).


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