Hydrating Masks …

About 2/3 times a week I do a hydrating face mask – which one I use depends on how my skin feels. If my skin is tight/dry or it is freezing outside or I’ve been for a walk on the beach in the wind/swimming/done lots of spot treatments/sunburnt – I use a hydrating mask. Slap on and leave for 20-30 mins (it only ever says 10 on the labels – I usually am watching something crap on TV and forget I’m wearing it!). Let it sink in and wipe of any excess with a hydrating toner on a cotton pad, or a warm flannel.

These are the ones I rate:

Clarins Hydra quench – sample size. Def repurchase. Lovely cooling. Makes skin feel soft and supple. Nourishing. 25.00

Clarins Restorative mask – for older skin 45+ but I really like this one. Feels extra special and rich and creamy. 33.75\

Mario Badescu Healing and Soothing. Designed to replenish skin stripped by harsh acne/spot medication /treatments. I use this when I’ve had to take emergency spot action! 16.50

Also, the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Mask mentioned in the Night Cream post

Budget hydrating masks:

LRP Hydraphase Intense Masque 13.60

Una Brenan Superfacialist Rose Intense Hydration Mask 8.99

TBS Vitamin E Moisture Mask 13.00

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask 11.50


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