Radiance Mask…

These are the masks I got to when I’ve got a night out/date night/important event/wedding. They are designed to make skin radiate health. Amazing glow – smooth skin – even skin tone – make the perfect base for make up. I love them! You could easily just buy one of them (one of either the two REN ones or Gatineau) – I wouldn’t say you need them all; they are v similar (apart from Elemis).

With the exception of Elemis – which is creamy – they have a gel texture. They all use glycolic/sugar acids/lactic to exfoliate. There is a real beauty move from manual exfoliators (gritty) to fruit acids. It’s nicer on skin and not as abrasive.
Use these kind of masks once a week or as/when needed before event/night out.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel – creamy texture. Leave on for 20 mins then wipe with warm flannel. Around £32 for 50ml. (sample size shown).

REN 1 Minute Facial – £32. Takes 1 minute. Make up can be put straight on afterwards (after moisturiser!). Wakes your skin up a bit. Gives it a bit of oomph! You get that lovely fresh faced look.

REN Glycolactic Mask – £32. Gel texture – smells like oranges. Layer on face – avoid eyes. Leave for 20 minutes. Warm flannel to remove. Exfoliates skin – smooth. Reduced pore appearance. Just looks nicer! Might tingle when first applied – totally normal!

Gatineau Radiance Enhancing Gommage – This is the weirdest one. Applies as a gel and you have to keep massaging it around your face to activate sugar enzymes . Within about 1 minute the gel turns to a liquid. I then leave it on for 5 mins and wipe off with warm flannel. I love this one. It’s the one I think feels like it does the best job.

Amazing price on here:

Budget radiance masks:

Good Things 5 Minute Facial Mask 3.99

*******BARGAIN ALERT!*******

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Mask 2.48!!!! Amazing value! Lovely creamy mask. Love it.


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