Shampoo and Conditioner …

I used to use all kinds of supermarket shampoo/conditioner and don’t get me wrong – every now and then I go back (can’t resist the Aussie smells!). If your shampoo/conditioner works for you – go for it. But, if your hair is frizzy/dry/uncontrollable/itchy scalp/stressed scalp – just try SLS free shampoos/conditioners. SLS free also means that your facial skin (that you’ve spent a bomb on avoiding SLS) isn’t covered in the nasty surfactants you get in SLS shampoos/conditioners.

OGX – formally Organix – 2 for £10 I think in Boots. Love these. I’m a sucker for anything coconut so these were never going to fail! They really are weightless on my very heavy hair. It does lather up brilliantly for an SLS free shampoo. Because I only wash hair twice a week, I do a double shampoo. Then condition all over the hair – NOT just the ends; the scalp needs conditioning too!!

Same as above. Awesome smell! I alternate between the two different scents.

Joico -£16 for both TKMAXX. Amazing value -HUGE bottles. I use these when I’m embracing curly hair – usually summertime. Again SLS free. TKMAXX is a great place to pick up great bargins in the beauty aisle. These would have been £29 for the double elsewhere. Love them.

Other brands I rate:
Bumble and Bumble – luxurious but £££££
Naked – boots/cheap/ SLS free
Burts Bees – boots/cheapish.
Some Tigi products – only the SLS free ones.
Klorane – french pharmacy brand – amazing mango conditioner and specialist shampoo for irritated/upset scalps – dandruff (please PLEASE do not use head and shoulders if you have dandruff – it is jam packed full of SLS and parabens/nasty surfactants!! – check out Klorane). – avaliable on
Avalon Organics – £££ but all natural. Waitrose.


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