Troublesome Skin Masks …

Every month I get spots – hormonal ones – otherwise known as cystic acne (delightful!). They are huge red under-the-skin bumps on my jawline on both sides. They are completely hormonal and nothing to do with ‘dirty skin’. I don’t get whiteheads at all – used to years ago when skin was oily – but now it’s more balanced. When I know/ feel a spot on its way, I get these two out.

Origins Clear Improvement 23.00 (the one in the picture is half the size of the 23.00 one). The charcoal origins mask is perfect on pores. I use this on my nose about twice a month (no more than that as it is really drying). And only on my nose – very occasionally on chin – but that’s it. Leave it on for 10 mins to harden and SOAK off with a warm flannel. Do not rub/scrap off!

Origins Out of trouble Mask – £23. This is one I use on spotty areas – when I feel them on their way. About 10 mins and soak off with warm flannel. This I use on my jawline and lower chin area – occasionally between eye brows. It is a white clay like mask. Not black like the charcoal one.

Budget versions:

The Sanctuary do a lovely warming one for about £10.

Boots Botanics Clay Mask – 4.66

Una Brenan Clay Mask 8.99 

Neutrogena 2 in 1 Wash and Mask 3.79. This is a face wash too, but I would never use if for that as it is just way to drying. But as a treament mask for blemishes, about once a week/fortnight – it is perfect. And cheap!

Lastly never, ever put it all over your face; no matter what you think – not ALL of your face will need these treatment clay/charcoal masks! Get to know which bits need help and why.


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