A Little Bit of Sunshine …

… equals suncream!

I purchased a lovely new tube of a facial sunscreen today – that I will blog about in more detail soon. Thought the FB post I did about sunscreen might be useful to put on here seeing as we are having such amazing weather at the moment!

A word about SPF in day moisturisers….

I don’t really buy moisturisers with SPF in if I can help it. This is because you are paying for SPF (that is more expensive than most of the ingredients in the moisturiser). Also SPF (traditional ones you buy in Boots / Tesco) can cause spots/sebum problems – I always get more spots when it’s summer and I’ve applied that kind of SPF daily. Get your SPF from make up or apply an SPF on top specifically for the face. All the ones listed below for the face are just sunscreen – not specific moisturisers so in the summer I still apply a light moisturiser underneath.

I always apply sunscreen on my face in the spring/summer months. I don’t bother in the winter time as I’m not ouside as much and obviously, it isn’t as sunny. I know we all need Vitamin D, but my skin is SO sensitive to the sun that I just burn without sunscreen. If you have olive/darker tones, you probably won’t be so susceptible – however the rays are still dangerous so it is always best to put some on.

These are the ones I use/used on my face: (NB: Always ALWAYS double cleanse at the end of the day when you’ve been wearing SPF – one needs to be with warm water/flannel. SPF is notoriously bad at coming off at the end of the day – it sticks around and causes spots if not properly removed). 

Clarins is great. 17.00 – comes in SPF 30 and 50.

The Clinique one is the product I purchased today Clinique City Block SPF40 (they also do one SPF25) 18.00

LRP Anthelios XL SPF50+ Comfort Cream (also comes in SPF30) 13.00

Vichy Ideal Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid – Dry Touch SPF50+. 14.00. This is quite a nice one as it is dry touch – so not sticky on the face. Good base for makeup.

Benefit Dream Screen 25.00. Again a good one for makeup base. Very liquidy and not like normal creamy sunscreen at all.

UltraSun SPF Lipbalm – love this. I put this on the tops of ears too. 4.95

The Institute Esthederm is from Spacenk. It is a new kind of sun protection – it has no SPF but has a chemical concoction that protects skin by working with the skin instead of putting up a physical barrier (which is what SPF does). I went to the Med for 2 weeks last summer (temperatures of 30 degrees plus), sunbathed on the deck for hours and hours and only used this (plus the same kind for body). I tanned and never ever burnt – that has never, ever happened to me before! I couldn’t believe it. I went a nice tanned colour, no redness whatsoever, no itchy skin – nothing. In comparison, in Thailand/Sri Lanka/Caribbean, I wore regular SPF50 (Nivea/Garnier etc) and applied properly and burnt to a crisp… It is worth thinking about! It protects against all of the damaging rays and has gone though severe testing before being released a few years ago – so it is safe. Research on Google if interested. I’m never going to use normal SPF for my body/face again on holiday. There are several different categories (Europe/Tropics/Ski/Sail etc) and then your skin type (tans, burns then tans, burns, severely burns) – you just pick the combination that you are. It was a bit of a gamble to take, but it worked! The idea is that SPF isn’t actually all that good for us (neither, really, are the chemicals in the sunscreen with SPF in it), hence why this doesn’t have it in at all. It is just as safe though. But not for kids. I wouldn’t gamble it with Elsie.

I use these for Elsie: French Skincare really is unbeatable for things like this. I buy all sunscreen for Elsie on


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