Make Up

Make up Routine – Step 1 – PRIMERS …

… for imperfections/make up longevity/radiance.

I never used to use a primer (have to admit, sometimes I don’t every day). I’ve spent money on some real crap ones!
The main uses for a primer are: to help blur imperfections (redness/spots/pigmentation); create a smooth base for foundation; to neutralise the skin tone; to ensure make up lasts longer; to give a bit of a ‘glow’ from under foundation – so you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask.

They are the reasons I wear primers. And my reason changes day to day – hence the numerous primers I use. Don’t be freaked out though – you can do with one/two!

So after I’ve moisturised my face – I wait a few minutes – then apply primer – usually all over (unless they are specific – I have 2 of those below). A primer is NOT in place of a moisturiser. 

—> As a side – I HATE primers with lots of silicone/silica in. All PORE perfecting primers will have silicone in them – so if that is your main issue, you might want to put up with the silicone feeling (pores aren’t my main concern). Silicone/silica is the product that makes the primer feel silky and smooth – most primers for lines/wrinkles/smoothing/pores have this in it; Benefit The Porefessional (v famous/popular) is an example – I just couldn’t get on with it at all (it peeled on my face and foundation looked crap). I much prefer cream primers or radiating ones, or at least ones that only have a little amount in, like Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch – not enough to make it feel horrible or peel though). Silicone peels – as a test for this – put some primer on the back of your hand – rub it in normally,let it dry – then try and rub it off quite firmly. Silicone will peel off in rolls. Eurgh. And a complete nightmare when you’re wearing make up! Again, this is only my personal opinion/thoughts – you might feel different. 

P’s – I’m sorry a lot of these are expensive primers. Most of the high street brands are full of silicone so therefore I don’t rate them. You might though and some people swear by silicone ones like Benefit Porefessional. 

Imperfection Primers: 

Smashbox Blemish Control – £28 I think. I only use this when I am having major skin problems. And only on the affected areas. It contains salicylic acid to treat blemishes. I think it does work.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch – £20. This is the only one with silicone in it. It is much reduced from say, Benefit Porefessional one. I use this where I have lumps/bumps/lines/pores. It just smooths over. I’ve had this tub about 18 months and have only used about half of it. Fab value. Makes a nice base for foundation.

Another imperfection primer I like is: Clinique – they do a range for counteracting different skin issues. They are faintly coloured: lilac/green/yellow/pink. They’re £20 but I really liked them – silicone free too. They have 6 different colours for different skin issues.

Make up Longevity Primers:

So these three are a base for foundation. I usually combine these ones with a radiating primer too. They are just to prime the skin and make it just a nice, clear base.

Max Factor Face Finity -£10.99. This is my second bottle of this. It’s nothing amazing but just a nice, cheapish primer. Cream based. I like it.

BOBBI BROWN Vitamin Enriched Face Base £38.50. This isn’t really a primer (I featured it in the moisturiser section) but I think it makes a lovely hydrating base when your skin is feeling a bit dry. Any other moisturiser would do the same as long as there is no silicone present.

Hourglass Mineral Veil. Brace yourself everyone … this TINY little bottle (that was a free sample in a SpaceNK goodie bag!) is £25!!!!!!! The full/normal size is ….. £55!!!!! Now, I know that that is an insane amount of money, however, I wanted to put it on here because, in comparison, I prefer the Max Factor or the Clinique primer – I’d rather pay good money for my skincare than for a primer (!?!).

(Not pictured) Clinique Universal Superprimer (white tube) 20.00 I love this – I’ve used mine up and need to get another. It is similar to the Max Factor though.

(Not pictured) Rimmel Match Perfection Fix and Perfect Primer 6.99 Really good budget primer – non silicone, creamy primer. Really makes make up last.

Radiance Primers:

I love these – really love them; hence why I have so many! Who doesn’t like a glow?!?…
Anyway – crap lighting I apologise. They are the same products in both pictures.

Bourjois Happy Light -£10.99 (on offer in Boots right now). Love this. They do a mattifying one for really oily skins too. Reasonable value. Nice smooth application. No massive bits of glitter. Just glowy!

*** side note – in terms of high street value – you cannot do better than Bourjois primers/foundations. ***

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer -£20.50 (they’ve changed the packaging – it is pink not green anymore). I love this stuff. Really gives your skin a fab glow. Looks like what your skin looked like before work/kids/stress/no sleep etc.

Clarins Instant Light radiance booster – £26. This is my newest purchase. Comes in three shades – pink/champagne/peach. This is champagne. Nice pump. Only a pea sized for the whole face. Does a decent job of covering the redness too.

NARS Orgasm Illuminator – £23. I got this for my holiday last year and I’m saving it for this summer too. It isn’t as dark as it looks (I have porcelain pale skin so would look completely orange if it was!). It just gives a bronzed hue to your skin – as well as a glow. Perfect for summer evenings. You can put it on your décolletage too. Love NARS make up. Orgasm is their signature colour (blusher and lip gloss coming at a later date!).

(Not pictured)Laura Mercier Foundation Primer 29.00. The king of radiance primers. I’ve had two tubes of this and I love it. I’m using up others that I have and then I’ll be repurchasing.

(Not pictured) Loreal Lumi Magique Primer- 9.99. Very similar to the Bourjois one above. I used this all up too. Love it.

Other highly commended primers:

NARS Multi Protect SPF30 Primer – 25.00. This is perfect if you want some SPF in your make up (maybe darker toned and don’t want a separate SPF – they do an SPF15 one too)

Stila One Step Correct Colour Corrector – 24.00. I’ve recently purchased this and haven’t really tried it out properly yet (I have had a play once or twice and it seems really good!). Three colour correcting swirls come out together, corrected the skin and make up lasted well – we’ll see over the next month or so. Full review to come soon.


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