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Make up routine – step 3 – CONCEALER …

Concealers and I have a long standing relationship – not always successful, but constant nonetheless!

As with previous products – I’ve tried many and many have failed. High end and budget; Chanel (or Channel, as Steve calls it!) to Rimmel – the particular products I tried from these two brands failed – miserably. Of course, concealers are a personal choice: some like thick and high coverage, others want light and light reflecting. I just want them to do their job! As with base products, I use different concealers for different things, and in different ways.

Facial Concealers (not specific to under eye):

These are the concealers that I use to cover redness, blemishes, full-on angry spots, rashes, scars, general skin flare-ups etc. There is one main one missing from the line-up below and that is Collection (formally Collection2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer which is AMAZING and only £3.99. You only have to google it to see how well received it is in the beauty world. I’ve used about 4 tubes of the stuff – but I’ve lost my current one so I will be repurchasing it as soon as possible!



Clarins Instant Concealer. Shade 01. £18.90. This is the best all rounder concealer. It covers brilliantly and still looks natural. It is a teeny bit dark for me, but I can blend it out and get away with it. I have used this as a foundation too on some occasions – so it is a bit of a multi-use product. I use under eyes, on skin and especially when I have blemishes. Lasts all day too. Brilliant stuff. Recommended.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer. Shade: Fair. £4.49. This is very similar to the Collection Lasting Perfection. It covers well, is easily blendable and stays for ages – not sure about the 18 hours thing (why do brands claim that 18/24/347 hour thing?!). I’ll probably alternate between this and the Collection one – they are so similar. This has the wand in the lid, but I apply a bit to the back of my hand and then use finger/brush/sponge to the skin – more hygienic. I use this around my nose when red, as well as on blemishes and general bad skin on my chin.

NARS Creamy Concealer. Shade: Chantilly. £22.00. I am the lightest shade in this concealer, and it is perfect. There are loads of different ones to chose from (although the colours on the NARS site are an awful match). This is a pricer version of the Collection/Seventeen one – but a bit creamier. I really like this. I use this under my eyes too, which I wouldn’t do with the other two. It is so blendable – I usually use fingers. It feels light yet covers well. Recommended.

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher Treat and Conceal Stick. Shade: Fair 1.  £25.00. Again, this is a brilliant all-rounder. It conceals, especially redness, and works amazingly on blemishes – hence the ‘treat and conceal’ tagline. As a side – the Charlotte Tilbury website is amazing; there are so many tutorials on how to use all of her products (she is a world famous make-up artist) – I’ve wasted hours on there watching them all so they come highly recommended! This concealer is one of a kind in the ‘treat’ part – it really does cover blemishes so well. Thoroughly recommended.

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Concealer. £17.00. Shade: Light. This has won a load of beauty awards and it’s taken me a while to cotton on to it, but now I have been using it for a few weeks – I love it. It is one that I do use under my eyes and on my upper cheekbones – as it is pretty light-reflecting. It also has good coverage and is very light and natural. I’m not entirely sure/convinced about the anti-aging claims, but it is widely reported that it smooths lines/wrinkles and makes the skin look amazing. It doesn’t crease or cake either.

****(as a side, every single concealer eventually creases under my eyes. I have ridiculously baggy under eyes and eye lids already – even at 31 (thanks Mother!) – so if you have the same problem and are looking for a magical cure, I’ve not found one – I’m still looking!)

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer £19.50. Shade: Fair. Now this little tube is tiny – I couldn’t quite believe how tiny when I got it out of the massive box it arrived in! I was shocked and thought I’d been robbed (which, at that price, I’m sure some would think I have been!). I’d heard so much about this and wanted to try it. It is hugely pigmented, so you only need the tiniest amount of product (so this teeny tube is going to last an age). The only downside, that I didn’t discover until I had received the product, is that it contains MO. Uh oh. Now, I would never use this on my whole face as it is SO thick and you just wouldn’t need to, so a tiny amount (pin prick) size, on a spot, I can just about deal with, but I have to be honest – had I read the ingredients properly before purchasing and not assumed it was ok, I wouldn’t of purchased it. 😦 Which is a bit of a shame as it is excellent at covering red, ugly spots. If you aren’t bothered about MO, you’ll love this.

Under-eye Concealers:


Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (this is in the photos above with the facial concealers – it is in the little dark pot). £19.50. Shade: 0.5. I am the lightest in this concealer too. This is a very very thick texture that is mean to disguise under-eye darkness/circles. It does the job very well, but unless you apply with a very light touch (feather-light soft brush is best), it can cake and be really hard to work with. I wouldn’t apply with fingers – I found it just didn’t work as well. Does cover well though and last ages.

Maybelline Anti-Aging Eraser Eye Concealer. Shade: Light. £7.99. This is a bit of a gem of a concealer – decent price, excellent concealer, last ages. In my experience, these are quite hard to get hold of – Boots/Superdrug are always sold out and I waited a good month or so for Boots online to stock it. I tend to grab a few when I can. Again, as with others, this has amazing reviews on other beauty blogs and is a real bloggers favourite; I agree – it does the job well for a decent price. Recommended.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat £25.00. Shade: 1 Original. This used to, many years ago, only come in one shade (the one I have) which was/is amazing, but didn’t suit everyone and was very very light for more olive/medium/dark skin tones. YSL have since released lots of different shades, which is great news as this infamous product now suits everyone. How could I mention concealers without talking about this?! This is slightly different to others above, as it isn’t technically a concealer – but a brightener. I don’t put this directly under my eye, but more on the top of my cheekbones – around the edge of the dark circle and blend inwards. It dulls the darkness and brightens beautifully – the light reflecting particles do their job perfectly.

Similar Products I’ve used/like:

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer Pen – £8.49. Perfect for use like the YSL above. Also works on blemishes too.

L’Oreal True Match Touche Magique Concealer – £8.19. Again, as above, perfect for eyes and face.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. £5.99. This is like the Seventeen/Collection one above. I did like it, but I couldn’t use it unfortualy, as the shades don’t go light enough for my pale/ghostly skin!

Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer. £5.99. I really liked this one. The attached brush isn’t all that hygienic, so I didn’t often use on blemishes or spots and, since it is illuminating, you don’t really want to be illuminating those! Good for cheekbones, centre of nose and cupids bow (top lip).

Hope that helps!



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