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New body/hair products …

So, I’m sat here watching the election coverage and thought I’d use my time wisely and write another blog post!

Body products – not something I normally get too excited about, compared to skin care and make up – but there are a few nice ones here:


The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist. £7.50/100ml. This is very similar to the lovely perfume I posted about a few weeks ago. Infact, this is much better value as you get 100ml instead of 50ml for what is, essentially, the same product. Smells amazing. Loads of different scents avaliable. Love it. Smells of summer!

Superdrug Vitamin E Shower Moisturiser. £2.99. I’ve read a lot about this product and there are a lot of positive reviews about it online. A shower moisturiser is essentially, a moisturiser that you use in the shower, after you’ve washed, just before you get out – to save you time putting on a moisturiser on when you’re dry. Does it work? … It is a nice smelling moisturiser that feels like a creamy body wash. Does it moisturise my skin? Not sure. I’m going to persevere over the next few weeks. I’d like it to be my new go-to shower product in the mornings to save me time but I’m not convinced yet …

The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel. £2.50. I purchased this because I needed to spend another 2 pounds for free delivery. Did I need it? No. And I am a bit miffed that it isn’t anti-bacterial – which kind of defeats the object I think. However, it does smell very coconut-y – which I adore! It does contain alcohol, so if you have sensitive skin I’d give this a miss – I don’t and it does make the skin on my hands nice and smooth so that’s good in that respect.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Kelp Help Deep Conditioning Hair Masque. £4.19. This is currently on offer in Boots at the moment. Now, I don’t have blonde hair, but this product isn’t at all specifically aimed at blonde hair. It is aimed at hair that gets very dry ends – which mine does. It is part of the beach blonde surf range (surfer chick hair I believe!) – however, the smell is so lovely, I can make an exception! Also, despite the blonde claims, this has no bleach or ‘blondifying’ elements to it at all (JF did do something a few years ago that dyed hair blond-ish colours). I love it and have already repurchased a few more at this price. The ends of my hair (that are parched 4 days or so after being washed) felt lovely, even when I’d used GHDs on them. Recommended.



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