Skincare products I am loving right now …

Hi everyone – I’m back! Sorry for the hiatus – blame coursework/moderation/exams – but they are all done for me now! Yippee! .. and I’ll do my best to make up for lost time! As before – please put any questions below or on the FB page.

In my absence, I’ve continued using make up and following my usual skin care routine (and yes, I have been purchasing too…). These are the skin care products I’ve been reaching for recently, that I really really love.


So above we have:

(not strictly skin care – well, it sort of is!) Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. £20.80. SPF30 tinted moisturiser-type gel. I really like this. After a few ups and downs, my skin has been ok recently, so I’ve been wearing this as a base at the weekends, and using it underneath my foundation at work. It is really hydrating – so that is the main reason I like it. The colour match is good for me (I wear Opal – the lightest shade, surprise surprise). Feels nice and light to apply – no caking. Gives decent coverage for a TM. –

Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser – Unfortunatly, this is limited edition with Neroli and Bergamot. The original Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser is just as good though. They are really thick cleansers and are good for really massaging in to the skin. I use it as a second cleanse or sometimes in the morning if my skin feels dry. It is one for those really dehydrated/dry skins. Very nourishing. Smells lush!

Aldi Lacura H20 Serum – £3.49. I flippin’ love this stuff! I’ve NEVER used a serum as cheap and as good as this is!! You cannot go wrong with that price! It feels moisturising, smoothing and hydrating. I use my Hydraluron first, then this on top, every morning. It feels more creamy than other serums, that are more gel-like. Light on the skin, sinks in beautifully and make up goes nicely on top. What else is there?! BUY IT!!

Origins Super Spot Remover. £15.00 . This tiny little bottle works wonders! I had a massive, horrible spot on my neck that would not ‘come up’ or ‘go down’. I couldn’t work out if it was cycstic, and the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion wasn’t working on it (which is made for cystic acne) so I guessed it was just a lovely ‘regular’ spot. Nice. Then i dug this out of the drawer, and within one night of using this, the spot had visibally gone down; within two nights, it was gone. I love this stuff!

Make up loves coming up next …



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