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I know I keep harping on about decent balm cleansers, so this might be for you if you are still using a foaming one!!

Balm cleansers can be very pricey. They are good, and they do work brilliantly at cleaning your face without stripping it (unlike the foaming face washes and gels with SLS in!). I could never be without a balm cleanser now – I usually have three or four on rotation, depending on what my skin is like.

For those wanting a balm cleanser, but not wanting to splash the cash – this one is fab.

image(22) image(21)

This is the Boots Botanics Hot cloth Cleansing Balm. £8.99. It is full of lovely, natural, good-for-your-skin ingredients – nothing nasty! It also contains Rosehip – which is good for scaring and dis-colouration.

The balm itself is hard and needs to be warmed before being applied to your face. The tub is quite big, so you get value for money. A little goes a long way so this tub should last you a fair while. I’d use this in the morning if you have dry skin; apply straight on to dry skin and massage for a minute or two. Then, using a warm flannel (I wouldn’t bother with the muslin cloth it comes with), gently wipe off. I’d also use this in the evening, after removing make up (with an oil like The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil), as a second cleanse. If you’re trying to save a few pennies, this could also be used to remove make up as the first cleanse too. I’ve not done that, so I can’t comment on it’s ability to remove all makeup.

All in all, it is a really nice, decently priced, balm. If you’re starting out at trying to upgrade your skincare routine, this is a good place to start!



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