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Where it all began …

Random post alert …

Many, many years ago (maybe circa. 2003??) I went to Boots on the Isle of Wight, armed with my hard earned cash (thanks Tesco). I wanted to buy makeup – good makeup. I was 18/19 (I think!) and thought I should grow up a bit and start behaving more like an almost-20-something year old. I think I was home from Uni and wanted to spend some money (some things never change!). I was lured to the counters of Estee Lauder – and I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was looking for!

Looking back, I think I probably purchased the most boring, neutral shade that ever existed! I was that scared! I remember my teenage years filled with bushy eyebrows (didn’t discover the tweezers until I was 20ish – and then I over plucked. Badly. My brows were 2cms long. The photos are hideous! I’m SO lucky they grew back!!!). Blue eyeshadows were the norm in the late nineties/early naughties (aah Superdrug, the memories. Does anyone remember Miss Sporty?! – still exists!). Orange foundation plagued my life (Clinique counter this is where I look to you – there is no way I was ever a foundation shade that was 5 shades into the spectrum!!! … I still stupidly purchased it though!). I was definitely scared to accept my ghostly pale skin tone that’s for sure – never mind the fact that there weren’t actually any brands who catered for us porcelain girls!

Oh how far things have come – thank goodness!

But for my little trip down memory lane … this was my first high end make up purchase, all those years ago.


Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow in 60 Tea Biscuit (considering my addiction to tea and biscuits this is rather amusing now!)

I’ve just done a quick bit of research, and this shade no longer exists. It did sell 6 months ago on Ebay for $31 though!

I’ve just had a play around with what is left of the shade, and it is a nice colour. A bit of a one-sweep-over-the-lid-and-go kind of colour. It has nice shimmer and it is inoffensive … but it is a bit boring really! No, I don’t use it anymore – it is more than 10 years old.

Incidentally, I’d probably keep eye shadows for 5 years or so before ditching them or resigning them to storage (which is where I found this!). Those that you use your fingers for (cream/gel eye shadows applied with fingers) would be ditched earlier as that is less hygienic.

Anyway – bit of a random final post of the evening … but thought I’d show you all where it began!



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