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New Purchases …

Over the last few weeks I’ve made a few new purchases; I thought I’d share them with you. A few of them are blogger inspired buys – I can’t resist a bit of ‘hype’! I have high expectations for a few of them – hopefully I’ll be able to share good things with you over the coming months!


1. Sanctuary Spa Air-Whipped Shower Souffle £7.00 This was on 3 for 2 recently and being a lover of the original Sanctuary scent, I couldn’t resist. I used to apply the similar body souffle constantly about ten years ago; I love the smell! This doesn’t contain SLS so that is an added bonus. It is creamy, fluffy and smooth – nice lather (considering no SLS) and makes the bathroom smell lush!

2. Sanctuary Spa Cooling Glacial Scrub £8.00. Again, on 3 for 2. My Soap and Glory body scrub is nearing the end so I was looking for a new one. The scent of this is kind of subtle mint – nice and fresh and cooling. I love a good scrub in the shower. So far, this is really good! Gritty enough to do something but gentle enough so it doesn’t take layers of skin off and leave it raw!


3. COLAB Dry Shampoo Tokyo £3.49 Superdrug. This dry shampoo range is the creation of Ruth Crilly (model and beauty blogger I’ve been reading her blog for a few years now and I love her product reviews/recommendations etc. so it only seemed fair that I give her new range a whirl! I like this a lot – lots of different fragrances and it doesn’t make my hair go grey. I’ve started using dry shampoo before bed so the product is absorbed in to the hair and it seems to be working well! I’ll give anything a try that means I can get one more day out of my hair before washing!

4. CKOne. £18.50 100ml. Boots. I used to use this when I was about 20 and loved it. When it came up on offer on in their sales, at a very cheap price (cheaper than Boots!) I re-purchased. CKOne is actually a unisex frangrance – and yes, I have sprayed it on Steve – and it does smell differently on him as it does to me. I definitely remember why I loved it so much years ago; it is so light, fresh and summery.

5. Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant £14.45. My Pixi Glow Tonic is coming to an end, so I wanted to pick this up again. This is a re-purchase as I used this about a year ago and loved it then. It has such a lovely, refreshing scent. It is a chemical exfoliant (acid toner in other words) and it would be perfect for those who’ve never used an acid toner and area bit scared of the word! It gently exfoliates and resurfaces the skin to smooth appearance and texture. I love it.

6. Kiehls Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate £49.00. This is a blogger inspired purchase – so it better be good! I’ve been looking/researching for a while now for something that will slow down/STOP(?!) the crows feet appearing around my eyes, as well as the little lines that are starting to form around my upper lip and mouth (looking at my Mother, I don’t think I’m going to get away with it!). I’ve read such a lot about this product, and I had a voucher for SpaceNK, I thought I’d give it a whirl. The reviews are amazing. It contains 10% Vitamin C which is a wonder product against wrinkles/fine lines apparently … we’ll see!

image(9)IMG_20150526_084636 image(8) IMG_20150526_084801

7. Vichy DermaBlend Total Body Corrective Foundation £29.75. I’ve purchased this to use on my legs, hopefully to cover up the veins and marks that are on my lower legs. I’m off to a wedding on Saturday and I’m wearing a mid-length dress and strappy sandles, but I was a bit worried about the discolouration/veins making my legs look unsightly (I don’t have great legs to start with, but anything that can make them better is worth trying!). I’ll report back as to whether this did the job, lasted the day and didn’t rub off anywhere it shouldn’t!

8. Bobbi Brown Nude Eye Palette (Limited Edition – US Import – purchased at the outlet in Gunwharf Quays). No, I didn’t need another neutral eye palette – but this was so pretty I couldn’t resist! Four neutral colours: two matte, two shimmer. The shimmers are beautiful. There was a little fall out from them, but nothing major. BB eye shadows are usually amazing and I am really liking this palette too.

9. The Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick £22.00. I recently read an article about this product; apparently, colour adapting makeup is the future. This lipstick is dark green in the bullet, but when applied, adapts to your natural lip hue. It is similar to the Clarins Lip Balm in My Pink, as that also adapts, but whereas that is more ‘balmy’ this one is more ‘lipstick’. The colour lasts longer and it really does change to quite a dark pink (on me anyway!). I really like the fact that, technically, you have a completely unique lip colour that suits you perfectly. Definitely recommended.

Hope you enjoyed those!



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