Hayfever …

So the time of year is upon us again. Hay fever. Eurgh. Everyone in my family suffers from hay fever in some for or another; it is a nightmare and can make your life a misery. Personally, I get the nose running like a tap; sneezing so much I irritate myself!; eyes that I want to scratch out; itchy, annoying throat and itchy ears that I want to stick pencils in. Joyous.

Now, whilst I don’t have a magical cure, I do have a little routine that I follow whenever my eyes get red, sore, itchy and inflamed, and (if you saw my FB this afternoon) according to Steve, it works nicely.

NB: I use Hay fever tablets containing Cetirizine as these are the only ones that work on me. I never, ever by the branded ones as they are 5 times the price and the product codes are exactly the same as the Tesco/Sainsbury own brand (have a look at the PL number on the boxes!). In research, it has been discovered that Cetirizine is more effective at treating hay fever than the other drug which is Loratadine. They obviously vary from person to person – the Loratadine does not work on me whereas Cetirizine does. Neither work on Steve or my brother. It’s a bit of a lottery I think, but if you suffer, try the two different drugs and see what happens…


So, to start with I spritz the Tropic Vitamin Toner on to my face – even if I’m wearing a full face of make up or sunscreen. The spray is really hydrating and cooling (even better if you keep it in the fridge). The, I roll on the Tropic Eye Refresh Roll-On – this is really cooling and the metal ball feels lovely. Then, take two cotton pads and soak with the Liz Earle Eyebright Lotion (I keep this in the fridge all the time), and rest the pads on the eyes. Don’t rub them or push them, just gently rest over the eyes; if you want a bit more contact, gently tap the pad. Lay down on the sofa for 10 minutes and keep your eyes closed (Steve fell asleep). When the time is up, remove the pads without rubbing. Finally, apply an eye cream/gel: I use Origins Eye Doctor because it is so hydrating. Put some cream on to your two ring fingers, tap them together and then tap around the eye contour (eye lip, eye socket, under eye and up to temple). I’d then give another spritz of the Tropic Vitamin Toner. I have also used cold tea bags occasionally, and some cold cucumber slices – both work well.

Tropic Vitamin Toner £12.00. Could use TBS Vitamin E Toner instead.

Tropic Eye Refresh Roll-On £15.00. Now I do think this is quite pricey for what it is and you could use a cheaper alternative from Boots – but only get one that hydrates/cools. You don’t really want an anti-ageing one for this. The hydration/cooling is much more important right now.

Liz Earle Eyebright Lotion £13.25. I have never found a dupe for this stuff. A bottle lasts ages as this is the only time I use it really.

Origins Eye Doctor £28.50 . Other alternatives include TBS Elderflower Eye Gel (an oldie but a goodie), or Avène Soothing Eye Contour Cream – again, anything hydrating or cooling.

Also, I did use eye drops once, but they completely irritated my eyes (even the sensitive ones) so I avoid them now.

Hope that was useful!

(sorry for the huge hiatus – been away for half term and swamped with work…)



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