Empties Post No.3 …

Another month, another load of empties! I’ve got through a lot of skincare these last few weeks … time to buy some more maybe?! …

So, as usual, a little mini review of each product and whether or not I would re-purchase. I find these posts really helpful when I read other blogs- hopefully these will be as well.


1. Elemis Jasmine and Rose Milk Bath – I can’t find a price for this but I’m guessing the full size is close to £30. I think this was LE at Christmas 2014 (I got it in a QVC TSV). This is a creamy, very rose scented, milk bath. It doesn’t foam up very much – but then it doesn’t contain SLS; bonus points to Elemis for that! However, due to the fact that I am not a huge lover of rose, and that (shock horror) I actually like bubbles in my bath (I’ve previously said that I’m not too bothered with SLS in my bath products because I don’t have dry skin) – I’m not a huge fan of this. The smell is …. odd. Not very nice odd. And I certainly wouldn’t pay £30 for it!! Repurchase? No. 

2. Elemis Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream – the cheapest I’ve found this for, for a full size (mine is a sample) is £18.99 here: http://www.beautytimetherapies.co.uk/skin-care-c1/cleansers-c4/elemis-frangipani-monoi-shower-cream-200ml-p219/s576?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=elemis-frangipani-monoi-shower-cream-200ml-monoishowercream&utm_campaign=product%2Blisting%2Bads&gclid=COW0j5qh_sUCFeLItAodICAAcw

In complete contrast to the bath product above, I LOVE THIS! The scent is just amazing. On my first visit to Thailand, the hotel where we stayed had Elemis products in the rooms and this was in the shower: ever since I am whisked back there whenever I smell it. Beautiful stuff. Yes it is pricey, but I would pay that for something I love this much. It is so creamy, but lathers up very well (also doesn’t contain SLS). It leaves skin silky smooth and you smell lush! If you’re in the market for a luxury bath product, or maybe as a present – this is perfect. Repurchase? Yes.


3. Clarins Hydra Quench Cream Mask – £24.95. This is a really lovely, hydrating mask – perfect for when you’ve been in the sun all day or on the beach. I layer this on my face: put one layer on and let it sink in, then about half an hour later, put on another layer. I then don’t use a night cream, but just go to bed leaving this on; it is a lovely little intensive shot of hydration overnight. This was a freebie from Clarins when I purchased something else. Smells lovely, sinks in well, layers well. I like it. Repurchase: Yes, after I’ve finished others in my stash! 

4. Pixi Glow Tonic with Aloe Vera and Ginseng – £18.00. This is a beautiful acid toner and a total bloggers favourite. I won’t ever be without an acid toner again and this is a brilliant one. This is my second bottle of this and I still love it. It is not harsh and stripping as it doesn’t contain alcohol (see, Clinique – you can make a toner without alcohol in it!) at all. The aloe vera means it is gentle, yet it still removes dead skin cells and exfoliates (non of that St Ives scrubbing please!). I use this twice a day, directly after cleansing and before a spritz of a hydrating toner. Similar product is the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant – both as good, both as recommended – and I’m moving on to the Aveda one next. Repurchase? Yes after I’ve used up the other 4 acid toners in my skincare drawers! 

5. MV Organics Rose Hydrating Mist £28.00. I purchased this product with a load of other MV Organics stuff from Cult Beauty online. I like it as a hydrating mist and it does feel really cooling on the face. The spritz is fine (in texture) and a few pumps cover the face. However, as with the Elemis Rose Bath Milk – I hate rose. So, I have used this up, but I’m not a fan of the scent. I like the product and how it works and what it does for my face, but I can’t get over that whiff! Repurchase? No, purely based on scent.  

IMG_20150607_1945266. Clarins Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum £42.20. This was another freebie when I purchased my big make up order from Clarins a few months ago (they are fab with the freebies!). This is an anti-ageing serum, specifically aimed at the 35-45 bracket with new-ish wrinkles. I have to say (sorry those on a budget) I loved this product and was very sad when it ran out. 😦 The usual Clarins scent is there (avoid Clarins if you don’t like perfumed products) and I love it; my skin really likes Clarins and reacts well to it. It is a cream based serum, that sinks in beautifully. My skin did feel smoother (the bottle lasted about 3 weeks) over the period I used it for. I applied it after eye cream and before my Hydraluron serum (between eye cream and moisturiser basically) morning and night (except when I used oil). There is huge hype about this product online and it has won several beauty awards for the 35-45 category. Repurchase? Yes, definitely, after I’ve used up my Kiehls anti-wrinkle serum. 

7. REN Clearcalm Replenishing Gel Cream for Blemish Prone skin – £18.95 allbeauty.com. Now, when I first started using this, I loved it – I had really bad skin and it was oily and confused with frequent breakouts and bad complexion. This worked really, really well for my skin (alongside the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil – buy these two products if you have oily, unmanageable skin!) and my skin got better; it became easier to ‘work out’ and more balanced. So, now this product doesn’t give me enough moisture for my newly sorted skin – it needs more! This product is very good, and a decent price for a good quality moisutriser that works, from a brand that know their stuff and don’t put any nasties in their products. I love REN – try them. Repurchase? No, but purely because my skin type doesn’t suit this product any more. If it did, I’d buy it again. 

8. Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Lift Perfecting Serum – £39.00 full size (mine is a freebie sample size). Another month, yet more Clarins; they really are one of, if not my favourite, skincare brand – I just love their stuff! This was a really light serum (ever so slightly shimmery, so I’m guessing it is designed to be used only during the day as the shimmery particles will reflect light) that sunk in well but didn’t make my eye contour greasy. It smelt lovely again, and felt moisturising to my eyes. I have quite sensitive eyes and the immediate surrounding area, but this didn’t cause me any problems at all. Did it make a different? The tube was tiny, so I couldn’t see any immediate results (I got 5 days use out of it), but, after reading lots of online reviews, I am intrigued enough to consider a purchase in the future when my Vichy and LRP eye creams run out. Repurchase? Yes, in the near future. 

That’s all folks! Hope that was interesting/helpful …



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