Therapy …

It’s been a bit quiet around these parts for a while. June was the last time I blogged. Unbelievably – ….  I got ‘tired’ of makeup over the summer and had other (more important and meaningful) things to worry about. It happens. Makeup isn’t the most important thing in the world – you’ll never get me telling you that it is. I’ve pretty much ignored my skin and makeup since June. Pottering around the house the last few days, something made me open my make up/skincare cupboard and have a rummage through it all – I think I was desperately trying to cheer myself up. Makeup, to me, makes me feel better about myself – there I said it. I think it is quite a personal thing actually – people wear it for all kinds of reasons. Each to their own.

And right now, after the last few weeks, I could do with feeling better. Quite frankly, anything is worth a shot – hence why I’m returning to blogging. A tragic, unforgettable, emotional few weeks/hours/days – memories and experiences I will never, ever forget. Those who know me will know what I’m talking about. Some people might be quite surprised I am even summing up the energy/care to write blog entries about makeup and skincare: to me, it is therapy. Along with spending precious time with my husband and daughter; long walks in fields in wellies; looking at photographs for hours; crying happy and sad tears; laughing (then feeling guilty about it – apparently this is normal?); adult colouring books (who’d have ever thought I’d own – and love – mindfulness colouring books?!); listening to the Dixie Chicks and drinking proper coffee – I’m trying to ‘adapt’. Normal isn’t normal anymore – so we can only hope to adapt to our new circumstances. Sleep has still been eluding me – probably to be expected really – so rather than laying in bed trying to get to sleep and getting angry and overthinking things, I thought blogging would be more productive – and might actually entertain someone for 10 minutes! So if there is an influx of posts, you know I’ve had a bad night…

So, to those who are finding it odd that I am discussing make up and skincare at a time like this – it is an attempt to help myself. I think. Time will tell. It feels good to be focusing on something anyway – something with no pressure, expectation, emotion. Something that is a bit removed. I can go back to the emotion afterwards.

I have said it before, but thank you for all the kind words, flowers, cards, messages letting us know you’re thinking of us, love, support, hugs (eurgh!). There have been some really special people around for me over the last few weeks – you know who you are. Thank you.

Jane X


One thought on “Therapy …

  1. One of the most beautiful posts I’ve ever read. So good to hear your print ‘voice’ again, Jane. I’ve definitely found solace in the ‘nourish the skin, nourish the soul’ philosophy you’ve inspired in me, so thank you for that. Xxx


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