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32 Years Young …

… sort of. (and no, I couldn’t sleep)

It was my birthday recently – and given the circumstances – I couldn’t bring myself to celebrate. It didn’t feel right – how could I possibly celebrate? I know it sounds really miserable and grumpy but I hate my birthday – I’m not very good at getting old … yes, I know I’m only 32. But time passing scares me witless – how can I be 32? I only feel 22! Where have the last 10 years gone? Where will the next 10 years go? I. Can. Not. Think. About. It.

So, I waited until it felt a little less strange and inappropriate and like I could deal with it – ‘a good-ish day’ – a few days later it turned out. I got some lovely cards and presents from family and friends – and thought I’d share a few of the beauty/makeup ones below. I got too much to mention really – making sure family/friends have that ‘list’ is so useful – I’m not good at surprises so it works for me.

  1. Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez EDP

This is my favourite perfume ever. It’s not an especially well-known perfume and you’d struggle to buy it on the Isle of Wight. It is my signature scent – I get so many compliments when I’m wearing it. It is quite striking, but I tend to like those kind of scents (I also love Dior Poison – another really strong one). I’m not really in to really sweet, sickly scents – I like them strong and bold and musky, but not overly girly. Apparently (according to the NR website): A sophisticated statement, and an irresistible invitation. Rose and gardenia lend a feminine grace to vetiver and black and white cedars. At the core, notes of musc offer undeniable warmth and sensuality. Evoking mystery, attraction, and exquisite desire, NARCISO embodies the scent of seduction.

Hmm. I have no clue whether that means anything at all or not – but I love it. Not sure about the ‘scent of seduction!’ … ha ha. Who exactly am I meant to be seducing?!

Of course, the other reason to love a perfume is the bottle isn’t it? Don’t lie – who hasn’t bought a perfume for the packaging! I love the simple but beautiful bottle of Narciso. Anything that looks elegant and stylish on my dressing table is good with me.

2. Chanel Coco Madamoiselle EDP

I didn’t know I was getting this perfume – so it was a nice surprise. Along with Narciso, my other scents are YSL In Love Again (really unique scent unlike anything I’ve ever smelt before; Chanel Chance – the orginal one; Dior Poison – the original. I have dabbled with Armani Si (quite sickly after a while, nice but not my taste); Sarah Jessica Parker, Lovely (really like this for summer); Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude (again, nice, but for summer); The Body Shop Coconut EDT (bargain, cheap, great for sloshing on in the summer).

I do love Chanel as a perfume brand. Chanel No.5 is such an iconic scent – not for me yet as it is quite an ‘old’ scent, in my opinion – but maybe in a few years. Anyway – I’m pleasantly surprised with Coco Madamoiselle. According to Chanel: It has top notes of bergamot and orange; a heart of jasmine and “morning rose petals”; and a base of patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, and white musk.

It would appear that musk and vetiver (Googled it – apparently it is ‘earthy and grounding’ and most commonly used in men’s fragrance – Tom Ford uses it as a main base for many of his male scents – Hmm…) are common in the scents that I like, so they must be the bits that make it less girly and sickly… I have no idea, but Coco is lovely.

As a slight sidenote – I always ask for/buy EDP rather than EDT – Parfum is the undiluted version so you need less of it on you. When I use my Chanel Chance I only use two squirts – one on my neck and one on my wrist and that does me all day long.


3. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry (Raspberry is now sold out – only available in Honey) £15.80 (£18 on the Clarins website)

I’ve wanted this for ages. Clarins released this lip balm/oil/gloss hybrid back in the spring and it sold out within an hour or something like that. I signed my name up on the Clarins website to be notified when it arrived back in – when I got the email, but the time I’d got the website, it had sold out again. This happened about four times. So I was mighty pleased to unwrap this! It was apparently bought in Boots on the IOW and when I was in there recently, they did have a stash of them. Clearly since then, only Honey is now available.

Anyway – I’d describe this as a nourishing oil/gloss. Despite the fact it looks scarily pink in the bottle, it actually comes out virtually clear on the lips – and just takes up your natural colour. This is fine by me, but others might be a bit disappointed as the colour does promise more. It is quite sticky, so don’t wear it on a windy day! It literally just gives a nice gloss to the lips and it is full of good stuff (as usual) from Clarins. My lips have definitely felt more moisturised since using it for a few days.


4. Benefit REAL Cheeky Party Palette £26.25 – currently on sale at Usual price £29.50 from

I was very excited when I opened this! The cheek palette is released for the Christmas season – I missed out last year as it was a sell-out even before we got to November – so if you want this get it quick! This is a lovely palette – and a really economical way to try a load of Benefit blushes. Their iconic box blushes are so well known and coveted – but they are pricey. £23.50 RRP per blush which is soon going to mount up. I very rarely finish a blush/hit pan, so I didn’t feel the need to buy the full size boxed blushes – but I still wanted to try them = this perfect palette!

In it you get:

– Benefit They’re Real! Beyond Mascara Mini
– Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner Mini
– Benefit Watt’s Up! Soft Focus Highlighter for Face Mini
– Benefit Sugarbomb Sugar Rush Flush Face Powder – top third one in
– Benefit Rockateur Face Powder – top second from left
– Benefit Dandelion Pink Perk-Me-Up Face Powder – top left
– Benefit Hoola Bronzer Powder – bottom left – apparently the worlds best selling bronzer
– Benefit CORALista Coral Blush for a Tropical Flush – bottom second from left

This is such good value as you get to test out five gorgeous blush/bronze colours, plus get a mini They’re Real! mascara – again, apparently, the worlds best selling mascara (I like this- I don’t love it). The Watt’s Up! highlighter is also gorgeous – like a cream version of Benefit High Beam – their iconic bottle highlighter.

All in all – there is a blush colour for every skintone in here. My personal favourite is CORALista – the gorgeous shimmery coral colour is perfect for summery skin. Dandelion doesn’t look much in the pan – a bit wishy washy – but it is also gorgeous – especially on pale skin like mine. A very glowy/awakening colour.

This would make the perfect present for someone who you know loves Benefit or loves makeup – they’re sure to love this. Incidentally it comes in a lovely tin with a booklet about creating different looks.

I’m nosy and love seeing what everyone else got for Christmas/birthday – if you’re the same, hopefully that hit the spot!


…………………………………….second sleep attempt – fingers crossed …………………….


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