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Hall of Fame: Hydraluron …

20151203_135354There are very few products that are worthy of a place in my Hall of Fame: Hydraluron definitely deserves a place! I have used tubes and tubes of this stuff – I think this one is number 9 and it is almost finished …

When I first started reading other beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos way back when (about 4 or 5 years ago I think), this little tube of loveliness was just coming out. It didn’t enter on to my radar for a while until I read about it on Caroline Hirons’ blog. She is a skincare genius and following her blunt but honest advice definitely sorted my skin out.

Hyaluronic acid is something we all have in our skin anyway, but it decreases the older we get. I know I’m not ancient yet, but even at 32, the amount of this wonder acid in my skin has dropped. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for keeping our skin hydrated, plump and soft. This acid benefits every single persons skin – young and old, but especially old or maturing! We need this acid – without it, our skin looks like it needs a serious drink of water. Now we all know we should drink tons of water every day – I am not too bad at doing this- but even so, if I don’t use this (or another product with hyaluronic acid in it – I’m testing a second option that might also find it’s way into the HoF… I’ll get back to you on that!) I know about it: my skin goes dry, dull and feels tight and just ‘unhappy’.

Hyaluronic acid is a clever little thing! It is capable of absorbing 1000 times it’s weight in water in the layers just under the skin. In simple terms, when you apply hyaluronic acid followed by your moisturiser, it helps the moisture absorb much better. I can 100% tell when I’ve not been using it. Considering that your average person has dehydrated skin (different to dry) – they need this. Most of us need this. I used this serum even when I had oily skin (remember – oily skin is oily because it has to keep producing more oils because it is dehydrated. The more you strip your oily skin by using harsh products made for acne/oily skin types, the more oil it produces! Avoid anything stripping/contains alcohol/is going to burn the skin off your face; it needs nourishing and to be taught how to re-balance again. I fixed my oily skin completely by slathering it in Hydraluron and Clarins Facial Oils and avoiding mineral oils in moisturisers (that sit on the surface and, surprise surprise, make it greasy!).

Why is it in my hall of fame? 

In the years I have been using this I have noticed a difference in how quickly my cystic acne clears up. I have noticed how much clearer my skin has become (it isn’t perfect but it never will be). I have noticed how much softer to the touch my skin is. It looks healthier and more plumped up. With the skincare routine I have now (including Hydraluron) my skin looks 100 times better than it did when I was 22 (when I bought cheap, crap moisturisers with MO in; scrubbed the hell out of my face with bits of St Ives Apricot Scrub; irritated my face off with Clearasil FOAMING (aah!) washes and then (laughably) – when I thought I’d ‘got’ skincare – burning my face off with Clinique Clarifying Toner Number 4 (which is effectively paint stripper!!). My god – the memories.

Back to more settled times … This serum is high-end science, with real benefits, at a low(ish) price tag. Some of the other hyaluronic acid serums are pushing £40, £50, £100. I really feel like this is value for money for the quality you’re getting and how long it lasts. I know it is still classified as expensive – but I honestly think it is worth every single penny. If you’re thinking about where to spend the money in your skin care routine – serums are where it is at. You can get away with a cheaper (but still nice) cleanser (Superdrug hot cloth cleanser is cheap and good) and toner (L’Oreal age perfect is a few pounds and perfect) and as long as the moisturiser doesn’t have mineral oil in it (some of the Lacura range from Aldi don’t contain MO and they are a few pounds), that need not be expensive either. But, serum and eye cream (in my opinion) are where the £££ should be spent if you can afford it.

This serum is suitable for everyone – dry, dehydrated, oily, sensitive – the lot. There is nothing offensive in it – no mineral oils, fragrances, parabens and doesn’t contain anything derived from animals. The packaging is simple and to the point – it is science based, not cosmetics based. It just does what it says on the tube!

When do I use this?

I apply this twice a day – morning and evening. Always after eye cream and acid/hydrating toners and before moisturiser. So the routine is for AM is: cleanse, gentle acid tone (Aveda or REN), hydrating spritz, eye cream, Hydraluron, day moisturiser.

For PM: cleanse, double cleanse, stronger acid tone (twice/three times a week only – Clarins or Pixi), hydrating spritz, eye cream, Hydraluron, night serum (I use an anti-ageing one), night moisturiser.


It applies as a clear, cool gel that sinks in really easily. I apply a little bit less than a 5 pence piece size. Each tube lasts me, using it twice a day, for about 3 months. When I’m at the end of the tube, I cut it open and get every last bit out!

I only ever buy them when there is some kind of offer on at Boots and I stock up. The last tube I have at the moment I bought back in March when it was 3 for 2. Incidentally, you can only buy these in Boots or on http://www.boots.com as they are an exclusive to Boots.


The link above shows that Hydraluron is currently on offer for £16.66 (normally £24.99). In my honest opinion, I’d pay £24.99 for it – so £16.66 is an INCREDIBLE price for this amazing serum. Do yourself a favour and go and buy one! I will never be without it and you cannot get much more of a recommendation that that, right?!



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