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Boots Advantage Card purchases …

God I love my Boots card! Ever since my lovely old Nan passed away about 12 years ago and my mum gave me her old Boots card (which she never used to buy stuff with as she didn’t know how!) and I discovered she had tons and tons of points on there – I’ve been hooked. I think it came to me with over £60 on it and I developed a love of make up and skincare – so it’s all her fault! (thanks Nan xxxx)

I was in Boots a week or so ago doing more Christmas shopping (their 3 for 2 on Christmas stuff is fab – I buy as much as possible in Boots and rack up the points as I go!) and I realised that I had various voucher combinations, plus my November birthday triple points offer and that meant my points balance was looking healthy (unlike the bank balance). So, as is normal for me, after I’d bought all the presents, I went back for myself and low and behold, make up was purchased!

As much as I love some really high-end make up, I bloody love buying high-street make up. (I have just realised that the three Collection items were actually purchased in Superdrug, but whatever). There is nothing more satisfying than finding a really great quality, brilliantly priced high-street product that, if you’re really lucky, is much better than some high-end stuff! Sometimes it doesn’t pay off and you end up with some real crap, but I always live in hope!


So, I paid for four of these products with my Boots points, not cash. The three Collection products I did pay cash for in Superdrug.

No.7 Gel Look Shine Nail Colour in Grey Mist £7.00 (Boots)– You all know I love this range, and I love grey at the moment (my entire house is grey!) so I couldn’t resist this. I’ve not worn it yet, but it looks exciting! I love the colour.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation in Ivory £8.99 (Boots) – I have wanted to try this for ages and ages. I have high expectations of this foundation as there is a lot of good reports on it online. Anything that makes me look more awake and less fatigued is going to interest me – I just hope it does what it claims! I’ve heard a few reports about it being a bit shimmery- so we’ll find out; I’ll try and use this over the next few weeks.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 010 Ivory £5.99 (Boots – where Rimmel is all 3 for 2 at the moment) – I last used this about three years ago and I liked it, but I gave it away (I think the shade colour might have been a bit darker then). Anyway, Ivory is perfect for me now so I’m looking forward to using this. It is marketed as an ‘illuminating’ concealer (what? illuminating spots??) so I’ll have a play and see what that entails!

L’Oreal Smokissime Liner in Brown Smoke £7.99 (Boots) – This was a (rare) impulse buy and totally un-researched – scary! Firstly- what a completely ridiculous name!! Moving on … I’ve used this a few times since I bought it (it was in a MOTD post). I am a complete dunce at eyeliner – of any description – I just cannot do it. This is marketed as an eyeliner but of an eye shadow kind. The product is in the lid and you then use the thick sponge applicator thing along the lash line like you would eyeliner. Interesting idea – potentially a good one for eyeliner idiots like myself – but according to the research I’ve done since, the comments are pretty rubbish. At the mo, I’ve used it three times and I think it’s OK …

Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Fairy Cake 3 and Cotton Candy 1 £2.99 each (Superdrug or for the IOW) – This is another product that I used years and years ago when they first came out. I got them in a Glossybox (subscription beauty box that you get in the post – more to come on this!) and I didn’t really like them. They are a matte finish and smell a bit like Play Doh or Plasticine and back then, matte shades really weren’t fashionable – now they are. These are a really great price for a really moisturising, creamy lip product. If you’re a fan of matte lip products, but don’t like the way they tend to dry out the lips, this may be for you. Fairy Cake especially is quite a wearable, everyday shade. I like them – and for the price, they are worth a look.

Collection Moisturising Lip Butter in Perfect Plum 4 £2.99 (Superdrug or for the IOW)– This was the freebie after spending more than £5 on Collection products after buying the two above – not a bad offer: three decent lip products for £6. Collection have really upped their game since moving from Collection 2000 to Collection a couple of years ago. Their Lasting Perfection Concealer is a regular holy grail product for many many bloggers and Youtubers – just Google it! This lip crayon is a gorgeous colour – deep plum but very wearable. It is on a par, quality-wise, with higher priced brands like Bourjois and Revlon. And it is so moisturising. A really nice freebie!


Top-Bottom: Rimmel Foundation, Rimmel Concealer, Collection Fairy Cake, Collection Cotton Candy, Collection Perfect Plum, L’Oreal Smokissime Liner.

I will be using these products over the next month or so and testing them out, so I’ll update with any thoughts as and when.

Pleasingly, I still have a fair whack left on my Boots card, so watch this space for some more lovely purchases when something grabs me. I think I might hold off until the new year, as there are some amazing new launches coming from Clinique make up which I think I am going to have to try! …



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