Christmas Candles …

There is a bit of a ‘christmasy’ theme to the two posts today – might as well make the most of it!

I’m not normally a candle kind of girl. Unlike other bloggers (who are obsessed!) I’ve never spent upwards of £25 on a Jo Malone, Neom or Diptyque candle. I do own one candle from The White Company that I bought at the outlet shop in Gunwharf Quays for (what I still think, considering it was an outlet) is still a ridiculous price for a candle! – so much so that I can’t bring myself to actually burn it! What was the point really? I also got a Neom candle free from Cult Beauty when I purchased a load of other stuff – it smells divine – but at full price it is something like £45!!!


So, the candle obsession is a bit non-existent for me – apart from at Christmas that is. I love a festive candle or two but I am quite picky with my scents. I cannot abide those Yankee Candle ones that are cookies or sickly sweet smells – they make me want to vomit! I much prefer a different scent – maybe fresh pine, or wintery snow (what that smells like in the real world I’ve no idea!), or a less in-your-face cinammon/clove/spice smell. Either way, I’m very specific in what I like!

These are the ones that have passed the Jane test for Christmas. I’ve burnt all of these since taking these photos, to test the scent – here are my thoughts …


  1. Yankee Candle Simply Home Apple Crumble – ‎£9.00 – Tesco/Asda – I picked this up in Tesco (you can get a melt size too for ‎£1.20). This scent is probably the sweetest candle I own but I love the faint sweetness of the apple crumble scent; it really does smell like Mum’s homemade apple crumble! I’m not entirely sure what it has to do with Christmas, but it is quite a warming scent nonetheless. I personally think that Yankee Candles are way too overpriced (‎£21 RRP for a large jar), but this is a fairly decent size for the price. Scent is good when burning too – you get apples and subtle spices – and it will apparently burn for 55-75 hours…
  2. Marks and Spencer Mandarin, Clove & Cinnamon – ‎£19.50 – M&S – This is currently on offer as a 3 for 2. This is the most expensive candle I’ve bought this Christmas but the scent is true Christmas. Warming spicy cinnamon, peppery cloves and sweet mandarins. The scent is quite strong and permeates the house – which I love. The burn time is 95 hours – so for the rather more expensive price, you get a really good amount of candle burning. It looks pretty too – with the berries around the bottom half – and is specially designed not to burn down through the berries for safety reasons. This is classic M&S Christmas scent and I buy one every year.
  3. Emma Bridgewater Joy Home for Christmas – £18.00 (NOW £12.60 on M&S website and in store!) – M&S – This was an impulse purchase and unfortunately if I’d have waited a bit longer I’d have got it a lot cheaper! I love the design of Emma Bridgewater products and this candle is the same – the packaging outside and the glass jar are both lovely. This is christmasy but with a difference – it is red roses, cloves and cardamon – sweet, a little bit spicy and a little bit sexy. This candle is gorgeous! The burn time is 55 hours and the scent can be smelt well. Now it is reduced, I’m temped to pick up another!


4. Next Winter Spruce Fragranced Candle Jar – £6 – Next – This is a much more subtle scent. It does smell like spruce/pine/leaves – but it smells quite creamy (does that make any sense whatsoever?!). This candle has an odour neutralising scent apparently – I can’t comment on that really, but the scent is smelt when it is burnt. It has 55 hours of burning. This candle is quite visually attractive – the green is a nice change to the traditional red christmasy themed candles. It also has the dried mini fir cones attached to the side, and the white ribbon – I like it!

5. Wax Lyrical Spiced Clementine – £6.00 (this is now £4.00 in store only) – Tesco – I love the orange colour of this candle, like the green, it is a bit different to red. I only bought this because it was reduced in store and I hadn’t seen a candle that was only orange based. The scent is subtle – it isn’t overpowering at all – in fact I think I’d like a tiny bit more scent when burning. It is there and you can smell it, but it is so subtle. Some will like it, some will think what is the point? This has 50 hours burn time apparently – I’ve burnt this one half way through and have had it on every evening for about 5 hours a night for about a week, so I’d say it is probably more than that.

6. PaddyWax Balsam & Fir Happy Holidays Candle – £9.95 – Ocado or http://www.beautybay.comThis is a really cute candle from an American company who only use soy wax. It comes in a cute box and a simple white jar. The scent is quite sweet considering it is fur and woodland based – but I like it. It has over 25 hours of burning time, which is pretty good for such a little candle. The scent is quite subtle when burning, but again, you can smell it. I’m very interested in some of the other candles by PaddyWax and hopefully some of them will be in the January sales!


7. SPAAS Spiced Wine 24 Tealights – £2.00 – B&Q in store – I picked these up from B&Q when I was buying Christmas lights and cushions. I always pick up tealights at Christmas as I have a lot of lanterns/tealight holders in my house that I need tealights for and I get a bit bored of plain white ones. The smell is actually quite nice – often with tealights you get that ‘cheap’  Christmas scent that makes you want to heave after a while, but the spiced wine scent is a bit different and definitely nicer! Bit of a bargain really and just what I needed.

So, they are my festive candle picks. While I think about it, I always re-use the glass candle holders – either as glasses or as decorative tealight holders; I’ve used them as make up brush holders/cotton bud holders. It is such a waste to throw them out if they are pretty! I’ll burn them until they are done, and whilst the remaining wax is hot, drip it out in to a container so it is as empty as possible; wait until it hardens and scrape it out. Then, a couple of runs through the hot dishwasher and they are good to use. I’ll definitely be re-using all of these glasses – the Next and Yankee ones will be perfect for sugar or coffee in the kitchen. The Wax Lyrical and PaddyWax I’ll use in my make up cupboard.

Let me know if there are any others that you like that I should try!




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