A Little Piece of Chanel History …

I forgot I hadn’t uploaded this post. It’s not all that useful, or interesting if you don’t like Chanel (?!), but it is a little bit of indulgence and luxury. I personally, LOVE Chanel. I’m not talking about clothes – when am I ever going to be able to afford them? Chanel make up, perfume, skincare and nail polishes are expensive – there is no escaping that fact. But they are a bit of Chanel that some of us are more likely to be able to own at some point in our lives.

Chanel is one of those brands that, to me, means elegance and class (not sure why I like it then!). Their perfumes are my absolute favourite – such amazing quality, scents and lasting power. Their make up is luxurious and, on-the-whole, really good stuff. Their skincare I have only dabbled in briefly very recently (more coming soon!) but I am impressed. Their nail polishes are very hyped on the internet – and one is more hyped than others: Rouge Noir.

The Rouge Noir range is somewhat cult. The Rouge Noir nail polish (formerly ‘Vamp’) was once Chanel’s best selling cosmetic product. It was created in 1994 and is responsible for bringing dark, vampy shades to the mainstream beauty counters – now they dominate. Vamp/Rouge Noir was created after designer Karl Lagerfield requested a nail polish shade that wasn’t black, but would show up in black and white fashion photography. Before then, on the catwalks and in fashion photograph, nail polishes had apparently, only consisted of flesh toned pink/peaches. The original Chanel designer couldn’t find a colour match that worked for the job, but he did come up with a normal classic red shade and coloured over the top with a black marker pen and then applied a clear top coat = Vamp was born. It was a complete sell out and extraordinary success and was still the worlds fifth best selling nail polish colour in 2000. Uma Thurman wore the shade in Pulp Fiction. Madonna wore it in many of her music videos. The shade was even mentioned in the series premier of Buffy The Vampire Slayer … it is pretty famous!


Of course, Chanel have made a killing from Rouge Noir and there is now a complete collection – eye shadow, liner, palettes, lipsticks etc. The Winter 2015 Chanel Collection pays homage to the Rouge Noir colour … The famous No.18 sold like hot cakes. I really wanted to get the eye shadow (above in the main picture – simply gorgeous), but it was gone before I’d finished reading about it! All I could get my hands on was the No18 signature nail colour – where it all began back in 1994.


I also picked up the beautiful No.757 Rose Fusion. This is a Limited Edition for this collection and is beautiful. I can’t decide whether I’m going to actually wear it or not, or keep it … I know that sounds daft, but Chanel Limited Editions become collectors items!


Right – down to the nail polish. As you can see, they come in beautiful classy bottles with the Chanel logo on. When you take the (quite large) cap off, the actual bit you hold to paint your nails is much smaller, which is a good thing as that square lid would be a nightmare to paint with and keep it accurate. The acutal application of both colours is beautiful – as you would expect. Yes you can get cheaper ones in Boots, but that isn’t really the point of these is it? I didn’t buy them for painting my nails really! … I bought them because they are Chanel, one is Rouge Noir and one is a LE. I know some people with think I’ve lost the plot, but if you love makeup and Chanel as much as I do, then you’ll get it! 🙂

I know these photos are appalling … but they show want I want them to. The left one is one coat of both – not opaque yet. The right photo is two coats and they look great. I would only bother with two coats – the Rouge Noir definitely only needs two but Rose Fusion might need a third …

I am totally in love with the Rouge Noir colour. It is a deep, black-red colour. In some lights it looks black and in others it looks much more dark-blood red colour: I absolutely love it however it looks. It is so classic, classy and elegant. Coco Chanel’s favourite nail polish colour was a ‘dark red’ as she described it it 1924. I think Chanel have done a great job of embodying what she loved all those years ago. There are dupes of course (Essie Luxedo is the one that springs to mind that I own, and No7 do an almost identical shade), but again – that isn’t why you buy a Chanel nail polish. It is the perfect all-rounder shade – wearable for work and then it looks sexy enough for a night out. I think, if I could only pick one shade to wear on my nails for the rest of my life, it’d be Rouge Noir.

Useful? Probably not. Affordable? Definitely not! Necessary? Nope

Do I love them? Yes yes yes! Am I glad I bought a little piece of Chanel history? YES! Are they worth £18.00 each? Without a doubt!




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