Nose Skin Emergency (plus a chest infection) …

So, I am ill. I suspected it was coming (shouldn’t have gone out for dinner on Tuesday night) as my throat has been red raw since Monday. Having been to the doctors this morning, it would appear that, despite my best efforts, my chest has given in and succumbed to the germs. I am now consequently hacking every five seconds and annoying everyone in sight.

Unfortunately, prior to confirmed chest infection, I had a hideous cold. My poor, poor nose has been suffering massively. It has been blown so many times, and had to go through so much sneezing it is also red raw. Peeling. Flaking. Sore. Eurgh.

Yesterday I was feeling a tad better and decided to tackle the nose issue. It was so dry and painful that I kept catching the tissues on bits of skin around it. (I realise I am painting a disgusting picture here – but lets be honest – everyone ends up looking like this when they’re ill!). Operation rescue nose was in order. I used these products all day yesterday, last night and again today and my nose is 100% better. No pain, no flakes, no redness. Thank god.

Here’s what I used:


I used my normal skincare routine (cleanse/toner/eyes/serum/serum) and then followed with L’Occitane Comforting Oil (sample size that I got in December GlossyBox – not out until January 2016 I think). I don’t normally use oil during the day as it does make my skin greasy (as oil is meant to!), but I didn’t leave the house yesterday, so I didn’t care what I looked like. I slathered this on after serums and let it sink in for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, I massaged in Dr Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Cream (longest name ever!). This is a thick, rich cream that is designed for red/irritated skin. It is very cooling and smells quite antibacterial – I think there is tea tree oil in there as well. I let this sink in again for about 10 minutes. I followed this with La Roche Posay Rosaliac UV Legere around my nose and mouth area. My top lip, chin and nose region was all red, sore, hurting and inflamed. This is a slightly green tinted lotion aimed at counteracting redness and I think it really works. I just blobbed a bit on my hand and then with my finger tips, patted it in to the areas that were red. I don’t think it’s designed to be a ‘treatment’ as such, but I like what it did for my nose. I applied about 4 times during the day when I’d had a sneezing fit/nose blowing session. I just wanted to keep the nose area as hydrated as possible.  The other thing I forgot to put in the photo above (but it is below) is the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm – although that is more of a treatment. It is a really thick, matte lip balm that you really have to work in to the lips. It is quite grainy whn you first put it on your lips, but you have to push it and massage it in to the skin – once you do, it sticks around for ages. I applied this throughout the day.


At the end of the day when I crawled in to bed, I did my normal evening routine (cleanse/cleanse/acid – I avoided my nose as the stinging would have been brutal! – hydrate/eyes/serum/serum) and then went all out with the moisture/hydration. Firstly I applied Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. This is the same oil I harp on and on about all the time, but I always crack it out when my skin is dry/flaky/sun burnt or generally feeling meh. A few drops of that massaged in, especially around the nose/mouth area. It is 100% plant oils so no stinging here. Then, once that has absorbed a bit, I follow with Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I LOVE this! It smells divine – fruity and good enough to eat. It is a mask and the instructions say you should leave on for 10 minutes and tissues (!?) off excess – but I never listen to instructions on beauty products… I leave this on over night. I have white bed linen, so I do try and apply these oil/cream products a good hour or more before bed so they don’t just end up smeared all over my pillowcase (if possible, I’ll take off makeup and apply evening skincare at about 6/7pm). Once this has absorbed, I apply Avene Skin Recovery Cream Calming Formula to my nose/upper lip/chin area – anywhere that is dry and uncomfortable. Like the LRP lotion, I apply to my hand and then dab on to affected area. I try and do this at least 3 times before bed so that it is as hydrated as possible. The Nuxe Reve de Miel is applied again before bed, really working it in to the lips.

This morning, I applied the same morning routine as detailed above. I haven’t done makeup today either as I couldn’t be bothered and apart from the doctors, I’ve not been anywhere.

My skin is SO much better I can’t quite believe it! It was so awful and sore yesterday and today, the nose especially is 100 times better; it was worth all that effort faffing about with potions and lotions!

I thought I’d add this photo too – my guide to getting better! Ha. Because, you know, I’m an expert obviously! I didn’t take the antibiotics that the Dr offered me – partly because they generally have a really negative effect on other bits of my body that isn’t worth the hassle, and partly because I’m a bit scared about the whole ‘antibiotics are becoming ineffective’ thing … If I can do without then I will. Instead, me and Lemsips are great friends!


My lovely mother swears by honey and lemon instead of the Lemsip stuff – but I HATE honey. As in it makes me want to vomit if I even smell it, let alone drink it, so I’ve been making do with hot water and lemon. I like it. I’m a citrus lover, so lemon/grapefruit/orange in water is good with me. I have eaten 3 oranges today too – so hopefully they’ll do something! The Haliborange tablets remind me of being a kid as mum made us take them every single day. The Waitrose juices are my slightly pathetic attempt to eat something more nutritious – it contains Kale. Kale?! Actually, despite my initial impressions, it is lovely and tasty. Come on vitamins – make me well! Guava is meant to be amazingly good for you too – hence the apple and guava juice, which is delicious. The only other things that I HAVE to have when I’m ill are nice tissues. I cannot abide dry, scratchy, horrible tissues! Yes, they cost a bomb for something you wipe your nose with and then chuck in the bin, but needs must. These are nice – they are Velvet Aloe and Camomile and were two boxes for 2 quid. I’m normally a Kleenex girl, but these are fluffier and cheaper in Tesco.

So, hopefully the vitamin C will do the job and I will feel better soon. But at least my nose looks better, so even if I feel like complete crap, I won’t look so bad! Excellent.




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