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Disappointing Products …

Despite my best efforts at researching and reading reviews on products, sometimes I get it wrong and buy a duff one. It does annoy me when it happens as obviously, it is a waste of money that I could be spending on something else, but also because I hate it when I’ve read other bloggers talking/raving about a product and I’m expecting amazing things and I end up just not ‘getting it’.

I’ve been collecting my disappointed products to show you so I’ll rattle through them and give a brief reason why I don’t like them/find them disappointing. Remember, just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean you won’t. They just didn’t work for my skin/skin tone/expectations. Some are samples that I got when I purchased something else, most have been purchased my me with my own money; I’ll tell you which is which.



  1. May Lindstrom The Honey Mud £64.00 (this is a sample size from the Cult Beauty gift box) – I SO wanted to like this as everyone raves about it, the packaging is so classy, it has some amazing ingredients and just looks perfect! But …. it bloody stinks! Like I-cannot-stand-to-put-this-on-my-face stinks. Eurgh. Apparently, everyone else seems to think it smells like chocolate. Hmm. I LOVE chocolate but my god do I hate the smell of this; I cannot get over it, so I’ve no idea if it is any good or not! Although, £64 for a cleanser, I’d like to think it would be good!
  2. Origins A Perfect World Moisturiser £36.00 – I bought this about a year ago and I’ve barely used it. It just doesn’t float my boat, which is unusual with Origins as I normally love them. I find this quite greasy on my skin, but it might be great on extra dry skin (mine is semi-dry/dehydrated/normal). The smell is lovely, it is a cooling gel texture, but is seems to stick around for a while on my face which is a bit annoying when I am short of time and need to do makeup. Just not what I was expecting really..
  3. Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser £37.00 – The reason this is in disappointed products is because, for the price I paid, I was expecting miracles and this does not do that. Don’t get me wrong – this is a lovely lovely normal, daily moisturiser, but it is expensive and The Body Shop do a Vitamin E moisturiser that is much much cheaper and does the same thing. You cannot tell you have a premium product on your face – if you know what I mean. And for £37 I want to feel it! Every penny!
  4. Oskia Renaissance 360 Anti-Ageing & Brightening Supreme Cream (no price for this yet as it isn’t being released until March 2016 – I got it with the Cult Beauty gift box when I spent over a certain amount) – This is in here because it smells of rose (which I hate) and because it didn’t do anything! It is quite a big sample size, which is nice, but I used this for about two weeks and saw nothing. In face I think I had some little bumps appear because of it. I’m just not sold at all. And, seeing as it is Oskia, it is bound to be pretty pricey when it is released – I reckon about £70 – again, I want to see it actually doing something! Don’t waste your money


  1. Bobbi Brown Neutrals Palette (discontinued but I paid £25 at the Gunwharf Outlet ) – This is here because it simply doesn’t show up on my skin! I love Bobbi Brown, and her palettes are amazing most of the time, but this is so so lacklustre that it isn’t even worth bothering with on my skin tone. I’m not even sure what skin tone it would show up on?! Maybe it would be perfect for someone who wanted the ‘no makeup makeup look’. It’s just a bit meh – like what is the point of putting it on my face?
  2. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm £29.00 – This is such a cult product, but I just cannot get it to work for me at all. I’ve tried and tried (this is my second tube and second attempt – I gave the first one away!). It is meant to be a primer/skincare staple that goes on and perfects the skin for makeup, but it just doesn’t do anything for me. I can’t get my head around the hype – it kind of mystifies me! I’d love to know if I’m using it completely wrong or whether I can do something with it to make it work as it isn’t cheap, and this is twice I’ve splurged and am disappointed now… 😦
  3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory £8.99 – I only bought this a few months ago, but this is another one that I cannot make work for my skin. I know it is meant to be shimmer and glowy and make your skin look awake, but on my skin, it doesn’t cover anything at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I might as well not have bothered. I like the texture and I even like the shimmery bits, but the fact that it doesn’t cover anything makes me shove it to the back of my cupboard. I own plenty of other foundations that do cover and look pretty good doing it. Another foundation written off to experience…
  4. Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Rose on the Rocks £8.99 – I love the normal Rouge Edition lipsticks – I own four of them and they are stunning. These ones are the non-matte version and are designed to be non-drying and more water based. That much is true, but they have NO staying power at all. I mean that the product is gone in about 15 minutes. I do not want to spend the entirety of my day applying lipstick, so this is a nightmare product in that case. It’s just a let down when you compare them to the originals which are fabulous. Buy them instead.  
  5. Kevyn Aucoin The Matte Lip Colour in Forever £25.00 – Oh how I love this colour! It is stunning. The packaging is heavy and luxurious and I love Kevyn Aucoin makeup, but the formula of this lipstick is a nightmare. It is a matte, so I expect it to be drying but that isn’t the issue here – the problem with this is teeth. This lipstick, no matter what I try, gets on my teeth! It is a nightmare. I’ve tried a lip liner, lip primer, blotting, lip brush application, lip balm on the top – everything. Unfortunately, nothing works. So, in the short term, I will be keeping this lippie as I love the colour, but until I find some other way of wearing it so it doesn’t end up on my teeth, it will be confined to the lipstick box, which is such a shame.



  1. Bionsen Stick Deodorant £2.99 – I am always on the hunt for a good, reliable, stick deodorant. I gave up spray aerosol deodorant about eight years ago and I can’t go back to them now – they are awful and don’t work for me at all. I usually use Mitchum – which is the best I’ve found yet, but I thought I’d try this one instead. Mistake. It’s crap. It has a kind of weird hard-gel stick bit that feels wet when applied. The problem with it is that is just does not work! Stinky arm pits and loads of white marks on my black vest tops – great. Who wants that?! What is the point? This one is being binned – and I rarely bin stuff, so that is how crap I really think it is!
  2. Batiste Nourish and Enrich Dry Shampoo £2.89 – I cannot understand why this product has such a cult following. This stuff turns my hair grey. Every time I give Batiste another chance, it blows it when I look like I’ve aged about 40 years in about 10 seconds! Literally – grey. I’ve changed the distance I spray, the amount, the force behind the spray – nothing works. Still grey. I’m abandoning this compeltely; I’ve already been out and bought two new tins of COLAB dry shampoo from Superdrug which is 100% better than this. Batiste really need to up their dry shampoo game pretty soon…
  3. Eucerin Aquaphor £5.66 – This was a stupid mistake on my part … Embarassingly, I read loads of great review on this as a lip balm for seriously chapped lips. I was suffering at the time so ordered it online. When it arrived I was gutted to discover that it was pretty much pure mineral oil. GRRR. Not a happy bunny. I thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt, so I tried it (all in the name of research) and it was total crap. I have no idea what everyone raves about. No clue at all. This is another one for the bin unless someone wants to try it …

So, there we have it. Disappointing products from the last few months… I’m sure there will be more in the near future! Note to self: do not rush in to blogger hyped purchases – always read the labels!



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