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What I got for Christmas …

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with lots of quality time with loved ones (and some nice presents too!). I’ve spent about three hours today watching The Princess and the Frog and The Snow Queen with Elsie, whilst also having one ear phone in listening to other bloggers’ Christmas present videos. I am extremely nosy and I like seeing what everyone else got for Christmas. I’m sure there are loads of other people out there who are just as nosy as me so I thought I’d write about what I got too.

Now, I am rather the expert at leaving tactful lists in places (computer, Amazon basket, pinning them to parents notice board etc.). I am too old and grumpy to get crap presents. I don’t really like surprises and I’m so particular in what I like/want that I am a bit of a nightmare to buy for apparently. My mum always asks ‘can I get it in Boots or M&S?’ … Er no Mother.

The list, therefore, makes them and me very happy. They know what to buy. They don’t waste money. I love what I receive and am never disappointed. Everyone is a winner! And I certainly was this year! There were a few unexpected surprises in the bag too (all well chosen I’d like to add), but the majority of my presents were things I’d asked for and I LOVE them!

I only asked for cosmetics and skincare, so bar a box of Ferrer Roche (sp?) and an Adele CD, that was everything that I got. I’d much rather the money goes on quality than quantity (although, like I said, I did very well) – my parents, ‘Elsie’ and Steve all combined to purchase these for me.. Please don’t think this post is an ‘ooh I got more stuff than you for xmas, and ooh my stuff is better than yours and look how much there is!’ post. It isn’t (although I’ve watched a few videos today where the so-called ‘beauty’ bloggers really need to come back down to planet earth. I watched one that got a Mulberry Bayswater handbag; a YSL clutch bag – which was GORGEOUS; the ENTIRE Chanel Rouge Noir makeup range; some Jimmy Choos and a D&G coat! ….. Er….). It is just a ‘lets be nosy’ post. If it isn’t your bag, skip past the rest of this!

Ok – here we go.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfam & Body Moisturiser – This was a requested gift. This perfume is SO heady and strong, but it is so unique and different. I’ve never smelt anything like it. The packaging is divine – so classy. Tom Ford really do make wonderful scents. This is woody, intense and musky – not for the faint-hearted. If you like Dior Poison or Narciso Rodriguez Narciso then you’ll like this.


OPI All Stars – Another requested gift. I was going to buy Lincoln Park After Dark and Big Apple Red as full size products and then I saw this. For the price of two regular size nail polishes you could get this set which included those two shades. Bargain. I never finish a nail polish before it goes manky, so these mini sizes are fab. I pointed the Mother in the right direction! …

Jo Malone Cologne Gift Set – Those of you who saw my FB/Instagram photo with the Jo Malone gift bag will know how excited I was to see this bag under the tree! The Husband did good! This was a complete surprise and I was shocked that he’d picked so wisely without any input from me! Jo Malone colognes are simply beautiful. They are so well put together (they are mostly all different scents combined) and so potent yet so sophisticated. I’ve been coveting them for years! This is one of my favourite presents and I’ve had a sniff and they all smell gorgeous. Well done, Steve!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette – I own the UD Naked Original and Naked 2 and I love them; they are some of my most used palettes. I wasn’t drawn to Naked 3 as it is quite pink toned, but this one got me. It is dark, smoky and perfect for a sultry eye look. I like the fact that it has blues in it and again with UD, a great mix of matte, satin and shimmer. You simply cannot go wrong with UD Naked palettes.


Stila Eyes Are The Window On The Soul Palette – Again, as with the UD, this was on my list. This came out a few months ago and I’ve read so many reviews and watched so many YouTube videos reviewing it and demonstrating eye looks with it that I just knew it would go on the list. Very similar in texture to UD, I love Stila palettes – In the Garden and In the Light are just wonderful and I use them both a lot. I can definitely see this one becoming a day-to-day favourite as the shades are just so wearable.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette – This palette is something of an internet star! It has received SO much hype online and has been on so many blogger wish-lists/favourites for so long that I felt like I was missing out! It basically is a face palette: three setting/finishing powders, two blushes and one bronzer. I was intrigued by the hype to be honest, hence why it went on my list, and I have very very high expectations. I think I’m going to love both blushes – not sure if the bronzer is going to be too dark for my pale skin. The finishing powders create different effects apparently, but are all as good as each other – we’ll see! I am very very happy to be the owner of such a coveted piece though – and it’s limited edition too (so LE, that most of the bigger bloggers have bought 2 or 3 of them because they’ll be worth something in a few years apparently … I just want to use mine!)


Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – I was very excited when I opened this as I actually bought this for myself about 4 months ago when it first came out and I had a load of incentive points to use up at SpaceNK. Like a good little girl, I squirreled it away and gave it to Steve to wrap up for me from Elsie for Christmas. I’ve tried a few drops on my hand and it looks like a beautiful product – it is blue (which is weird) and it is a retinol product, but Sunday Riley are an amazing brand and I really rate their skincare. I am really excited to try this; I’ve not read/heard a bad thing about it!

Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition, Hydra Beauty Gel Creme, La Nuit De Chanel – Again, more gems from my list. I think the parents got these when we went to Debehams in Portsmouth and I was told to ‘disappear’ for a while! The Nutrition cream is for dry skin so I’ll use this in the colder (haha!) months and when my skin is visibly flaky and tight. The Gel Creme is for when it is more combination and occasionally oily in the t-zone. There isn’t an awful lot online from the big bloggers/reviews on Chanel skincare, so I’m a bit in the dark with these two, but the ingredients look good – nothing nasty – so fingers crossed. There is a bit online about the Nuit De Chanel – a night time treatment. I think I’m going to alternate this with the Sunday Riley Luna Oil above (I don’t want to use retinol on my skin every single day). And never mind all that – the packaging is just gorgeous!


Chanel Rouge CoCo Shine in Boy – I’ve had my eye on this for a few years. It is apparently one of Chanel’s most popular lip colours as it suits anyone and everyone. It feels soft and buttery when I swatched it and the colour is a kind of pinky nude – my lips but better shade. It looks like something I can throw on without having to spend ages touching up or worrying about it running.

Clarins Skin Repair Concentrate Serum – This is described as SOS for the skin – perfect for dry patches, rashes, air conditioning/heating issues, aeroplane skin, skin after a cold etc. Anything and everything it would seem. I could have done with this the week before Christmas, but I’ve already put it on my nose and it seems to be doing good things!

Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser – No, I don’t need another cleanser. But the reviews/write-ups about it were so darn good that I had to put it on my list. It is designed for oil/combination/normal skin, so not quite me at the moment, but come spring and it will be perfect. Reviews say that it is ideal for a morning cleanse as it is so refreshing. Looking forward to trying this.

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Eau de Parfam – Now Mother dearest, with a bit of gentle encouragement from me, bought me this gorgeous perfume – not my normal scent as it is quite feminine and light (good for summer months) – and when she was buying it, realised that for a bit extra cash, you could get the entire collection below. Who wouldn’t say no to that?! Estee Lauder always do an amazing Christmas offer and this year was no exception: look at it all!

You get the stunning red carry case and make up bag; a beautiful neutral eye shadow palette with two blushes; a full size mascara; a full size eye make up remover; three full size lipsticks – a fushia pink, a brown and a nude; two decent sized sample lip glosses – one matte-ish light pink and a nude; a sample size of the amazing Advanced Night Repair Serum; a mini Modern Muse EdP; a really good size of one of their day creams (Global I think) plus a STUNNING shimmer powder brick.

Mother and Estee Lauder did good! And, consequently, I did good too!


So that is what I opened on Christmas morning and I was a very very happy lady! Give me a load of skincare and makeup and I’m as happy as larry – whoever he is.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. For those of you who I gave makeup too, I expect to see you wearing it!!! 🙂

I’ve got a few posts planned before New Year if I get sorted: Amazing New Discoveries in 2015 and my 2015 Favourites post for skincare and makeup. I’ve also got a budget cleanser post planned, as well as my MOTD for Christmas Day.

Thanks for reading 🙂




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