Make Up

The product of 2016 … already?! …

… It is a distinct possibility!

I was going to wait a little longer before posting this review as I wanted to test the product out fully – but … it is so good that I couldn’t wait any longer!

The product in question – La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur – is wonderful. I’ve owned it for precisely seven days and I am in love. Now, granted, the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation comes out on the 16th January and has received rave reviews already from those lucky enough to have tested it, so this place in my heart for LRP may well be short lived – but for the time being, this is it!


I purchased this on a bit of a late-night-couldn’t-sleep-browsing-Jan-sales situation (always the worst kind!). I had been watching Ruth from on YouTube talking about this product and was interested – then I got an email from telling me that this was on offer until January 19th. Well – that was all I needed really!

A few days later and it arrived on my doorstep. It looks, from the packaging, to be more of a sunscreen product- it is SPF 20 Broad Spectrum – so not to be sniffed at. I love LRP sunscreens anyway – I use them on Elsie and I order them for my mum who has had to have several skin cancerous lumps removed from her nose/under eye area (hence why I harp on about sunscreen to anyone that will listen!). I trust them as a brand – so I’d trust this. I wouldn’t use it alone on sunny days (I use Zelens SPF30 or LRP/Clarins/Avene SPF or Neutrogena Dry Skin – but that costs a bomb shipped from USA). SPF 20 alone isn’t enough for my pale skin, but for the UK in Spring, Autumn and Winter on overcast/normal days – yes.

I had quite high expectations for this little tube – but I was a bit hesitant when I ordered. I dithered a bit due to the fact that it says it is for more oilier skins – which I am not. The reason I finally ordered it is because Ruth from AMR isn’t oily either – and she loved it. I figured I’d give it a go, and at £11.00, this was a bit of a bargain if it worked!


I picked up the colour Fair/Light. There are currently only two colours, this one and Light/Medium. I am ghostly, and the Fair/Light shade is a teeny bit dark for me, but when blended, works fine. If you’re any paler than me (is that possible!?) then this might not work for you colour-wise. I can see this really becoming my total staple base product in the warmer summer months when I am slightly more tanned and do tend to get a bit oily around the nose/chin area.

When you squeeze the product out of the tube, it is weird: no two ways about it. An odd, mousse texture that looks about 30 shades too dark for my skin! I did panic a little at this point! In the two photos above you can see how dark it looks. The left one was in full natural daylight and the right one was not in direct light – both look scary to a pale skin like me! However, once rubbed in and blended, the colour changed. It did take a bit of blending and this amount I used above was too much. I applied with fingers and smoothed over the skin. I didn’t use a moisturiser, just a hydrating serum prior to using this just to see if it was OK for my dry/normal skin. It didn’t roll, peel or react with my serum. It didn’t cause any issues with my skin either – in fact, once blended with fingers, it just made my skin look bloody lovely! I was very surprised.


In terms of negatives, there are a few I think (nothing’s perfect eh?). Firstly, the wear time on this is not as long as other base products I own – I got about 8 hours out of it before I noticed it going patchy. Nothing crazily obvious, but the kind of patchy that you notice when you look in a x3 magnifying mirror (why do I even own one of those things?!). I didn’t try a touch up job as I was nearing makeup-removal-time. Secondly, there is a bit of silicone in this – you need it for the blurring. I don’t like massively silicone based products, but this was OK and I didn’t feel the urge to quickly get it off my face (Benefit Porefessional…). Thirdly, the colour choices – poor by anyone’s standards. As I said, I can get away with this as long as I blend blend blend; I didn’t look orange or dirty or ill – it does take a little bit of work though (like 30 seconds more than normal).

Now, here’s a first – a close up of my face. I didn’t have a filter or anything on these photos (I don’t know how to do that!!). I’m also no photography professional AT ALL, so forgive the dire attempts. I’m literally a girl with a phone, aiming it at myself- sort of – and pressing the multiple click button and keeping my fingers crosses that there is at least one decent shot in among the 46 it’s taken! I don’t even know, to be honest, if these photos are remotely useful whatsoever – can you even see the product or what it has done?! However I thought, given the effort, I’d put them up anyway. 

(The only other things on my face at this point are Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Hourglass Blush (can’t remember the shade – far left in the Edit Palette), Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips)

Obviously, the photos above show that my under-eye bags (thanks Mother) are still there and still saggy, BUT, darkness/colour-wise, they are a dramatic improvement on what they normally look like, so in terms of hassle free, minimal application, run-out-the-door-I’m-late kind of thing, this is good with me. It is a passable, good face when compared with no makeup! Worth pointing out too – I had a massive red spot above my left eyebrow when I took these, which you cannot see in the close up. Yay. The pores on the side of my nose in the bottom of cheek crease are not visible. Score. I also normally have a red nose, chin and mouth area – also covered well. I am pretty pleased! (I apologise again for the dismal photography attempts! Must try harder.)

Apparently, this product blurs pore appearance, covers blemishes and generally evens skin tone, as well as absorbing oil and leaving a more matte finish on the skin. I did think I didn’t like matte finish, but after trying this I really think I’m changing my mind! Maybe, at 32, I’m a bit old for mega-glow!? This does still leave my skin looking radiant and healthy, but just not shiny and glittery. Time to grow up a bit eh? …

In response to LRP’s claims, in the short time I have used this (every day though), I would agree. It definitely blurs my pores and hides blemishes (it doesn’t completely cover them, but I didn’t feel the need to crank out the concealer – I’ve been leaving the house with just this as my base). The redness around my nose, chin and mouth area is dampened (again, enough to make me happy to not bother with the old Laura Mercier Secret Camaflage) – so an even skin tone is a yes. I don’t have oily skin, but even so, this performed well on my dry/normal skin – it didn’t cling to dry patches or feel cakey. In fact, I couldn’t feel it at all – which is a lovely feeling as before xmas I was testing out Estee Lauder Double Wear, which is a good product, but the opposite end of the spectrum!

All in all – is it worth £11.00? Yes. Will I continue to use it? Yes, definitely – I’ve not used anything else since I got it. Will it work on dryer skin? Yes – although if you’re mega dry, either no or use a really good moisturiser and give it a try. In a few reviews I’ve read this product has been compared to Givenchy Teint Couture Blurring Foundation Balm SPF15 (also on but it is £29.00 and never has my shade in stock (3, Nude Sand). The Givinchy one is aimed at older skins that want a bit more coverage from a BB-type product (which is me), but I’m more than happy with the LRP one for now. If the Givenchy one ever comes back in stock anywhere then maybe I’ll purchase and do a comparison… 

The Effaclar BB Blur is available exclusively (at the moment) from and is £11.00 until January 19th when it returns to £16.50.

If you want to read more science on the LRP Effaclar BB Blur Instant Oil-Absorbing Coverage Cream Mousse (what a mouthful!), then you can do so here:

I reckon big love online for this during 2016 – from my perspective, this may well be in the 2016 Favourites this time next year! …

Chanel, you have a lot to live up to!




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