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New Year, New Makeup …

Exciting times!

So I was very lucky this Christmas and I had some amazing presents (95% of which were makeup, skincare or fragrance). Now the madness of the festive season has blown over and we’re in to a new year, it seems a good time to crack out some of the presents and some new bits and bobs and show you what I’ll be testing out in the coming weeks. I have had a play with some of these things already so can give a bit of a mini review – others, I am waiting for the right moment!

20160109_122421 Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder £10.24 Amazon – Ever heard of baking? No, not cakes – your face. Apparently, it is going to be the next big thing this year. It has, so I’ve researched, been popular on the drag scene for a while … hmm – is that good or bad?! They always have amazing makeup but then they are men in makeup… The reason why it came on to my radar is because, if done properly, baking can set your under-eye makeup so that it does not crease. Now, this is amazing news – if it works for us regular makeup users that is (not expert drag queens or makeup artists as I am neither!). Obviously, it is going to be a heavy kind of coverage that you’re going to get with it, but if it does keep my under-eyes from creasing like hell, then it might be worth it on special occasions. Let me tell you now, there is no way I will be spending 15 minutes every day just baking my concealer! Special occasions only. This is the video I watched that got me interested – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJyIOu1EPpQ . In it the girl uses this Coty powder to set/bake – so I copied and got this one. Not overly expensive, but I currently don’t use loose powder to set my makeup (only the pressed Charlotte Tilbury one and I didn’t want to waste that on this) so I needed to purchase something. I will experiment and get back to you! 

Too Faced Hangover Face Primer  £27.00 Debenhams – My love/hate relationship with primers rumbles onward … I got this for Christmas but forgot to include this in the post. I’ve read loads of great reviews about this primer so I wanted to test it out. It doesn’t contain silicone at all, so it is more of a cream based primer. It does contain coconut water however, so that intrigued me a bit; I’ve also been coveting the Marc Jacobs Coconut Water Primer but you can’t get it in the UK and I’m not paying shipping from the USA, so this was the next best thing. I’ve not used it yet so I have no idea whether we will get one! I have sniffed it though and it does have a gorgeous subtle coconut scent, so I am already a bit smitten. Let’s hope it keeps impressing me – I’ll report back…

Estee Lauder EE Cream – £34.00 Boots/FeelUnique/Estee Lauder – Again, there is a lot on the net about this product too. I have had a little play, but not anything worthy of any real comments yet. It seems nice, goes on well – it didn’t gel to well with the moisturiser I had on when I tried it, so that may take some tweaking. The EE thing stands for Even Effect – claiming to enlighten, minimise the look of dark spots, sun spots, post blemish marks, redness and pores, along with having SPF30. It sounds fabulous, but give my new love for LRP Blur BB, this has some work to do to match it! (Something worth noting – if you fancy this and are a medium or dark shade, then it is £26.95 or £21.95 respectively, on http://www.allbeauty.com in their winter sale! Be quick if you want it! Light is, of course, the most popular shade so not in the sale – typical)

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector  £28.00 and Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Concealer £28.00 John Lewis/Bobbi Brown – I am very excited to try these! I ordered these as a Christmas present to moi – I figured I’d earned it over the last few months of hideousness. I’ve not had a chance to play with them yet but they look good! The idea is that, between them, they correct and conceal dodgy under eye circles/darkness – they are designed to be layered on top of each other for maximum effect. The corrector cancels out shadows and the concealer goes on top. These are pricey, but again, if it works I’m ok with that. I have real issues with creasing concealers under my eyes so I’ll pretty much try anything. Added bonus is that these actually contain skincare benefits for the eyes too. Fingers crossed for good things from BB!


Wet N’ Wild Comfort Zone Eye shadow Palette £6.96 Amazon– Oh my word this is a bargain! It’s gone down in price since I ordered it (well, Steve ordered it for me). I’ve read rave reviews about Wet N’ Wild eye shadow products on various blogs over the last few months. They are an American brand that isn’t widely available over here – apart from Amazon it would seem. The quality of these shadows is excellent – amazing pigmentation and minimal fallout; this palette is neutrals and greens which are gorgeous. I love the fact that is has brow bone, eyelid, crease and definer written in the colours – this would be the perfect, bargain purchase for more of a newbie to makeup or those wanting a palette but not wanting to spend a lot. There are loads of other colour options on Amazon too: Silent Treatment and Walking on Eggshells both look beautiful. Did I need another one? No. But boy am I glad I dipped my toe in to Wet N’ Wild!

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer £20.00 Feel Unique/Estee Lauder (who always give good samples!) – I didn’t actually pay for this as it was a free full size sample sent from Estee Lauder when I purchased Double Wear Foundation before Christmas (along with a full size cleanser and four other amazing samples!). To be honest, I didn’t get the hype with this product at all – if your mascara is good enough why do you need a primer? Surely it is the issue with the mascara?! I’ve kind of half been converted; I still think this is an overly extravagant product that I don’t feel is necessary, but I didn’t pay for it, so I actually quite like it. It isn’t amazing, but it does seem to give a good base to all of the mascaras I’ve tried it with (Maybelline Lash Sensation, Benefit They’re Real, Estee Lauder Sumptious Extreme). Is it anything jazzy and wondrous? Not really. I’ll keep trying – maybe I’ll see the light!

Fairydrops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara £18.50 Cult Beauty/Beauty Bay – I have no bloody clue why I bought this. There’s honesty for you! I’d read a few things about it but nothing amazing. I had a discount code for Beauty Bay when I was buying presents for other people, and just added this to the basket… Maybe I was drawn to the pink?! I’ve not really given it a fair go yet, but it seems to be a nice mascara. It has a slightly weird wand – like three lumps on it – but it is surprisingly easy to work with. I need to test flaking and longevity before I comment really but first impressions on my totally random and pointless purchase, seem good!


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Colour Lipshine in Boy £25.00 Feel Unique/John Lewis/Debenhams – This was one of the gorgeous products in the lovely Chanel bag under our Christmas tree. I think Steve had a discount code for Debenhams (can’t imagine him paying £25 for a lippie – even for me!). I’ve wanted this for so many years! Boy seems to be a bit of a cult shade for this formula and it is easy to see why; it is a really pretty, subtle pinky nude shade with a little shimmer. On my lips it comes out as my natural colour but a teeny bit pinkier, with a gorgeous shimmer shine. It was totally worth the wait – and I just love the packaging too. Sigh. Chanel, how I love thee! Pretty much worn this every day since Christmas!

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink (I think!) £19.50 (for the full size) Bobbi Brown/John Lewis – This was a sample that I got when I ordered the corrector and concealer above. Bobbi Brown do some really good free sample offers, so I tend to buy all my stuff from them rather than JL. On this particular occasion I got the Pot Rouge, a clear lip gloss, Shimmer Gloss in Bellini, a makeup bag, two decent sized face cream samples and Christmas wrapping. Sometimes it pays to shop around for these kind of offers. Anyway, this gorgeous cream blush is another iconic BB product – the Pot Rouge was one of her first I believe. It now comes in 19 shades and is one of their bestsellers. This is the first Pot Rouge I’ve ever owned and I am impressed- it is beautiful and applies like a dream; I’ve used my fingers and a Real Techniques Stippling brush – both excellent. The colour is a beautiful pale pink – perfect for my pale skin but gives a nice healthy glow.

My top pick that you should definitely get from the above? The/A Wet N’ Wild palette – amazing stuff! 

So, those that I haven’t tried, I will be trying in the next few weeks/months so watch out for some of my thoughts on those. If anyone has used any of the above and has any advice, let me know! And if anyone has tried baking their face- I’d be interesting in your thoughts!

I’ve got another of these posts coming about skincare – tomorrow hopefully.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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