New Year, New Skincare …

Following on from my post the other day about new makeup that I am looking forward to testing out in 2016, I now have a few skincare bits to show you too. Again, some I got for Christmas, some I’ve bought myself in the lead up to Christmas or in the January sales. As I’ve said before, I usually try to introduce the new products gradually, rather than shoving them all in at once – that way, if I have a reaction, I usually know what is causing it; I aim for a week if possible between products (I have no idea if that is enough time, but it has worked for me over the last year or so).

I have quite a lot of cleansers, toners, serums and moisturisers on the go at any one time – it is a long old process trying to establish a routine where you don’t want to or don’t need to, switch things around. Eye creams are usually the only products that I keep the same for a period of time – e.g. when I was testing out the No7 Eye Serum that was pretty much all I used morning and night. With cleansers, toners and moistursers, I listen to my skin and use what I think it needs. Acids are pretty stable – at the moment the FAB Radiance Pads or Aveda Exfoliant (I’m out of this at the moment and awaiting a order to arrive) in the AM, and either Mario Badescu Glycolic Toner or Clarins Gentle Exfoliator every few days in the PM.

Here is the new line up for a new year:


I’m afraid all of the products are pretty high-end and pricey (apart from potentially two, if you can wait/spot an offer in Boots). I love a budget skin care item and when I find one, it’s usually a gem (Hydraluron, Boots Botanics Cleanser/Balm, LRP etc.) – but I do love a nice luxurious product that does it’s job properly and there are certain areas where I don’t mind spending money (eyes/serums in particular). We’ll find out if that is the case with these products in the next few weeks/months!


Kaplan MD Hydrating Toner £14.85 – This was a January sales pick and it was a brand that I’d never heard of, which intrigued me. Kaplan MD is a dermatologist in LA who specilaises in the causes and prevention of ageing on the skin. This toner is designed for dry/dehydrated skins and, on first testing over the last few days, it seems nice and soothing. It is a thicker toner than others that I’ve used, but the scent is very fresh and it does seem to comfort the skin. It does have this weird cap thing that I’ve not really figured out how to use (!), so I’ve just been unscrewing it and applying to a cotton pad. So far though, so good.

Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser £45.00 http://www.cultbeauty.comEverywhere you look online at the moment people are talking about Tata Harper; the all-natural skincare line seems to be taking over! I’ve read amazing review of this cleanser and even though it is aimed at oily/combination skin, it seems really nourishing on my skin and not at all drying. It will be one that I use when my skin is going a bit crazy – certain times of the month – or in the summer months when it is more oily. The scent is fresh and it has a lovely creamy texture that is really hydrating. I’ve not used for makeup removal – I think this is going to be more a morning cleanse or a second PM cleanse; I don’t fancy it for taking off makeup, and seems a bit pricey to waste on that.


Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate £49.00 SpaceNK/Feel Unique/House of Fraser – I bought this back in October I think but it has sat in the cupboard unused (I forgot about it to be honest, until I was having my New Year clearout! – oops). I originally decided to get this because I’d read loads of great reviews about it – and since turning 30, I’ve become a lot more interested/concerned/worried about the skin on my face ageing prematurely; it sounds vain but I want to do everything I can to look as young as I can for as long as possible (without surgery – that’s not my kind of thing). Anyway – I’ve been using this for about 4 weeks now and I really like it; no dodgy reactions either. It has a bit of a strange texture and it warms slightly on application with the skin, but it smooths beautifully (like, so so beautifully) that it is a pleasure to smear all over my face! I use it in the AM only, after toner and before the hydrating serum. It doesn’t take ages to sink it and it doesn’t interfere with any other products or makeup. Overall, so far, I’ve not seen any difference, but from reading reviews, I think this is a prevention treatment rather than an instant results product – which, if it works, is fine by me. I’ll finish the bottle and see what I think then.

Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum £30.00 Boots – This is a water-gel texture, more watery than Hydraluron (from it’s sister brand Indeed Labs) but it absorbs well (takes about a minute more to sink in than Hydraluron). It contains that lovely jubbly ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid that holds on to the moisture in your skin and plumps and hydrates – I honestly could not be without some kind of Hyaluronic Acid serum on my face now after using Hydraluron. There is a lot of science behind this product, and this brand, Deciem, that is way to complicated for my brain, but a quick Google will tell you all the technical stuff if you’re interested. From what I’ve read, this serum is targeted at ageing and dehydration concerns – that’s me! All I know is that I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks and my skin feels smooth – a lot smoother than it has before. I will be continuing with this, using it twice a day and will report back. (NB: I’ve been using this instead of Hydraluron, not as well as – I may change this but the Hylamide feels hydrating enough at the moment).

Hylamide SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum £27.00 Boots – I’ve only used this for a few days in the AM since the No7 Eye Serum has been finished up, but I like this. I am fussy when it comes to eye creams and, whilst this isn’t strictly a cream – more a watery serum – it does feel hydrating and cooling. The pipette thing is tricky to work with as the product is so runny, so that’s a bit annoying, but again, reviews of this far outweigh the issue with the bottle! The ingredients are very ‘sciencey’ so I can’t make head nor tail of them, but they are apparently all good and worthy of a much higher price bracket inline with very luxe brands. This product is designed for those with signs of ageing around the eyes as well as dark circles – and it’s isn’t a miracle worker but it should make a difference: fingers crossed! Like I’ve said before, my eyes worry me – they are the first thing to show age, so I don’t mind spending money on them if it works. I have high hopes for this product


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair £50.00/30ml Boots/HoF/John Lewis/Feel Unique – (sample size shown) – I’ve been wanting to try this for aaaages, so when I discovered it inside the amazing Estee Lauder Christmas gift set that you got when you purchased a fragrance (thanks Mother!) I was excited! I bought a little bottle of this about eight years ago I think and I gave it away because it felt weird on my skin (since discovered it was stuffed full of silicones). A few years ago, Estee Lauder reformulated it and re-released it- hence the Compex II – and I used it last night for the first time and it felt gorgeous on my skin. So so lovely. It sank in like a dream, smoothed over the face beautifully and my skin this morning felt amazing. I don’t know what they did to it but it worked! I’m going to use this teeny bottle up, check nothing untoward happens reaction-wise and look at how many Boots points I’ve got to splurge on this gem!

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil £85.00 SpaceNK/Cult Beauty – Yes. I know. I know. The price: *eyes water*. This product seems to be literally everywhere right now – virtually every blog I read has a review or feature on this and they are all positive. What was I meant to do – ignore them?! This might be THE product that changes my whole life. I can’t risk it not buying it right? … These were all the things I was telling myself when I bought this before Christmas – SpaceNK had free delivery (I HATE paying for delivery!) and I had £20 of points to use – so somehow £65 didn’t seem quite so bad. Ha. Excuses excuses. Anyway, I’ve not tried this yet but it had better bloody work! I’m expecting to wake up with skin like my 4 year old daughter! It is blue – which is a bit weird to get your head around – I’m hoping my white bed linen isn’t going to turn an interesting shade … On the back of my hand this feels lovely, smooth and not claggy – hopefully that will translate on to my face. I’ll be giving this a whirl once the Estee Lauder has finished up and here’s hoping! …

Chanel La Nuit de Chanel £45.25 (Steve paid £54.00 from Debenhams so that price is amazing!) – This was a lovely, lovely (planned) Christmas present – Steve read the list and did well! Again, I’ve not tried this yet (a little bit because it is just SO beautiful to look at, I can’t bring myself to actually use it!) but reviews sound amazing – I’m excited! Apparently it is a serum-type product that goes on at night before moisturiser and the idea is that is recharges and replenishes the skin overnight so that by morning, skin is supple and plump – again, Hyualronic Acid is all present and correct so it can’t do a bad job! The only slight issue in reviews is that it is quite heavily scented, but I’ve not even swatched it yet, so I’ve no idea what it smells like. It’s Chanel though – surely it cannot be bad?!


So, with a bit of luck, all of these delicious products will work their magic on my skin and the hours of review reading will be worth it!

If you’re thinking of purchasing anything: have 15% off at the moment with LFDETOX, plus a gift for spending over £55. have 10% off of everything, including sale items with SALEONSALE (there are some great makeup/skincare items in the sale!) have 1/3 off French Pharmacy (LRP, Avene, Nuxe etc.) until Jan 19th.





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