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A Genius Hair Invention …

If you’re anything like me, you’ll go through hair bands like there is no tomorrow. My hair is so so thick that most hair bands break after a week or so of me trying to get three twists out of them; it’s an annoying first-world-problem! I’m constantly in that loose-two-twists or risk-snapping-three-twists limbo … and usually I come off worse when the band snaps and pings off somewhere!

I also hate it when you put your hair up after you’ve spent bloody ages blow drying and/or straightening it and then it gets a kink in it from the hairband and you have to drag the straighteners out again.

Therefore … let me introduce you to my new best friend: The Invisibobble. Genius.


(Photo above – starting size in the middle and the size it is pre-shrinking back to shape)

When I saw these in Boots the other day I just grabbed them and threw them in to my basket. I didn’t even think about it. For some reason, I just knew they would work! And I was right. I think I’ve been waiting for something like these without really knowing what I was waiting for!

To put it simply, it is a bit of plastic that looks like a telephone wire or a key ring – not exactly technical, but boy is it amazing! It stretches – meaning I get the choice of three or FOUR twists around my hair (unheard of!) AND there are no kinks at all. And there are no knots or tangles trying to get it out. And it holds my hair in a top knot all day long (also unheard of). And it shrinks back to almost it’s original size when I take the band out at the end of the day. Amazing. It’s the little things right?! …

Yes, they are pricier than a packet of hair bands, but if you’re like me, I have to buy the reinforced, thick hair bands and two/three packets at a time, so actually, these aren’t that much more. I picked up two packets in clear (you can get black, brown or blonde I think). You get three in a pack and each pack is £3.75 – I got mine from Boots.


Having just done a quick Google, I think I might be a bit late to the Invisibobble party…! They seem to have been released ages ago and are available in a wide range of places. I feel like I’ve missed out up to now – all that money wasted on rubbish hair bands!

Well, not any more ….

They seem to be on most sites at £3.75 http://www.amazon.co.uk, http://www.feelunique.com and http://www.topshop.com. They also seem to come in a load of brighter colours if you want them to stand out.

I’m very excited about this discovery – no more dented hair with kinks in!





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