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A Little Clinique Treat …

I’ve had my eye on the Clinique Sweet Pots for a while, waiting patiently for them to be released. They are a much anticipated lip balm and lip scrub duo, housed in a gorgeous macaroon type container – beautifully cute to look at, and we all know my weakness for gorgeous packaging!

Clinique is having a bit of a resurgence recently – if you avoid the 3 step skin routine that is – and there are some great products available. I logged on to the Clinique website looking at two of the Sweet Pots and there was an offer available – spend over £45 and you get a pretty substantial gift, including a really funky makeup bag, night cream, cleanser, makeup remover, eye shadow palette, mini lip pop lipstick and a mini mascara. I pick my gift offers very carefully and really weigh up whether they are actually worth it or not, and I deemed that this was…. so I made a purchase:


Mild Clarifying Lotion – £16.50/200ml

This is a very mild exfoliant, similar in make up to the Aveda Exfoliating Toner that I love so much. It’s basis is Saylicylic Acid, which my skin loves. Unlike the other Clinique toners (even the No.1 Mild one), this doesn’t contain any alcohol so doesn’t burn, sting or irritate the skin. I use this every morning, like I would the Aveda one, as my acid toner. It is really mild so can be used every day. The texture is a bit thicker than a normal toner, almost slightly gel-like; I apply to a cotton pad and sweep over the face, turn it over and do the same again. I find that it just keeps my skin ticking over – I alternate this with the Aveda. Although aimed at very dry skin, any skin could use this acid – especially blemish prone skins.–step/Step-2-Exfoliate/Clarifying-Lotion-Mild


Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm £15.00

This is the colour Pink Framboise. These are unquestionably cute! As we all know, as a lover of matte lip products, a lip scrub is essential to me; I cannot live without one. I also love a lip balm too! These are perfect to chuck in your bag. The balm isn’t scented, so don’t expect it to smell like raspberries or anything – Clinique products are unscented. The balm is quite thick and nourishing – I’ve been using it for about 8 days now and I really like it. The pink tint is very very subtle,but perfect for no-makeup days or on top of other lip products. I’ve used the scrub twice and again, I like it. The balm is sugar crystal based and not too scratchy or abrasive on the lips – it is softer than the Lush one I use. It gently removes dead skin and flakes and leaves my lips nice and soft, comfortable and smooth. As you can see in the photo below, one side of the central silver ring is the balm and the other is the scrub and they just twist off when needed: clever packaging!


Almost Lipstick in Black Honey £18.00

I love the Black Honey range that Clinique does. I had a Black Honey mascara when they released that … a year ago (?) and it was a lovely dark, plum/purple colour on the eye lashes that sounds a bit strange but was really lovely and flattering on my eye green/grey eyes. Unfortunately, it was limited edition so hasn’t been back since, but they do have the Black Honey lipstick above. It is a sheer, moisturising lipstick- not matte, not thick. The colour is a deep browny/wine colour which just adds a subtle tint to the lips – perfect for work. As you can see in the swatch below, the Black Honey is on the left and it is just a simple wash of colour – nothing too intense. It is also very moisturising and gives a good shine – I really like this formulation of lipsticks from Clinique.


(Black Honey Almost Lipstick left, Sweet Pot Scrub & Balm in Pink Framboise, right)

So, that little lot came to £49.50, so I qualified for the gift set…. yay. I think the key to not spending money just to get the gift bag is whether you were actually shopping for the items to start with – would you buy them if the gift bag wasn’t included? My answer was yes – I’d run out of the Aveda toner and wanted to switch to the Clinique one. I’d been waiting since before Christmas for the Sweet Pop to come out and the Black Honey lipstick had been on the list for about 9 months – since I’d used up the mascara.

Some gift bags from Clinique can be a bit dodgy – especially the ones in Boots; they always seem to contain the same thing – liquid facial soap (SLS in it makes it unusable!), 7 day scrub (too harsh for me) and a Dramatically Different moisturiser (which HATE – eurgh!). The online offers direct from Clinique are much more varied and this one was no exception – I really love the gift I recieved and it was well worth the purchase price of the products I wanted.


So, you got:

  • Georgia Perry for Clinique Makeup bag which is bright and funky. I’ve just spent 20 minutes looking at her website – – at all the gorgeous prints she designs. I love this bag and it has leapfrogged all my other bags to become my day-time makeup bag.
  • Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lips, Lids & Lashes – this is an excellent makeup remover. Not tested it on waterproof yet, but I have high hopes!
  • Foaming Sonic Facial Soap – Despite the fact it says ‘foaming’ it does not contain SLS (Hurrah!), so I got it out of the ‘pass on’ pile in my cupboard when I read the ingredients! It is designed to be used with the Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush, but I hate those brushes so I’ll just use this as a normal AM or second PM cleanse.
  • Smart Custom Night Moisturiser – I was very excited to get this! I’ve used it three times at night and it is lovely. The whole Smart range from Clinique is fantastic – they eye serum is especially lovely.
  • High Impact Mascara in Black – This is one of my favourite higher end mascaras. I’ve used this for years (despite never actually having purchased my own full size – I seem to be able to get by on just samples!). It lengthens, curls and holds all day – no flakes.
  • Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer in Cherry Pop – Ah, this is so nice! The colour is a gorgeous blue toned red – very bright and long lasting; I put this on about 10am and it was still there about 5ish. Very moisturising and comfortable to wear. It isn’t matte, and has a lovely glossy shine to it. I’ve not purchased my own Pop Lip Colour as I wasn’t that impressed with the shades, but this one is gorgeous; if anything, I think I’d repurchase Cherry Pop in full size once I’ve used this up.
  • Eye Shadow Trio Palette – This is such a nice palette to put in my makeup bag in my handbag. It is the perfect size and contains three very wearable, neutral colours. They are pigmented and soft and easy to blend with fingers on the go. The light one can be used on the brow bone, inner eye corner, or even as a ‘perk-me-up’ highlighter on the go. The dark shade is good for making things smokey for an evening – these three are all you really need!



So, all in all, this goodie bag is well worth it if you have things from Clinique that you want to buy/restock. In terms of my recommendations from the brand, apart from those pictured above:

  • Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm £22.00 – incredible product for removing makeup.
  • Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil £22.00 – same as above but the oil version.
  • Super City Block SPF40 £18.00 – Slightly tinted, high SPF moisturiser.
  • Body Cream SPF30 £20.00 – A great SPF for the body
  • Uplighting Liquid Illuminator £22.50 – gorgeous under foundation for an extra glow, or dabbed on cheek bones over the top.
  • Cheek Pop Blush £17.00 – I have Ginger Pop and Plum Pop – such a beautiful blusher.

NB: I have never, ever got on with Chubby Sticks – eye, cheek, lip – you name it. For some reason they and I do not go together, so I personally wouldn’t recommend them. If you love them – lucky you! 

I’m not sure when the Clinique treat bag off ends – possibly the end of January, so be quick if you want to catch it! It is only online at if you spend over £45.

You need to add the code EXCLUSIVE at the checkout to claim the free gift.

Happy spending! 🙂



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