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Collection Cream Puff: A Budget Rave …

I am always on the look out for decent, high-street makeup. I’ve bought some real dodgy pieces in my time but thankfully, these Cream Puff’s do not fall in to that category.


I love a matte lip product – a bit less obvious than a full on glossy bold lip, I feel a matte lip is a bit more sophisticated and personally, I find them easier to wear. Most matte lip products can be applied in the morning, checked on a lunchtime and topped up mid-afternoon and that’s it! Perfect low-maintenance lips.

Of course, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are a favourite – but they are pretty pricey £18. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks are FABULOUS and also pretty budget friendly too at ‎£8.99. But, I thought I’d go one step further and find something even cheaper … the Collection Cream Puff is amazing value at £2.99!

On the Isle of Wight, these Collection lip creams can be found in Superdrug – sometimes Boots too, but I’ve only seen them in there once. They are all available online too of course.


The texture of these is of a creamy liquid lipstick. They aren’t a ‘liquidy’ as the Bourjois ones, and are obviously not in pencil form like NARS. They are very easy to apply and they are a bit more ‘mistake-friendly’ than Bourjois. The cream formula is very moisturising and not drying at all. I have worn them all day today, topping up once after lunch, and my lips aren’t dry or cakey. The product hasn’t collected in the corners of my mouth or peeled at all. They go on very creamy and then dry down on to the lips and stay there. The pigmentation for a £2.99 product is amazing!


I have two of the shades – the top one swatched on my hand is Fairy Cake and the bottom is Cotton Candy. Fairy Cake is much more or a coral orange colour – but not Tango orange kind of colour – a lot softer and more wearable. I’m not really an orange kind of person – I don’t think I could wear MAC Morange (which is the brightest bright orange), but this coral, pale orange comes out as quite a neutral colour. Cotton Candy is a stunning, rose pink colour – not far off natural lip colour with a bit more pink. This would be an everyday shade for me.

The left one is Cotton Candy and the right is Fairy Cake – see what I mean about them being totally wearable, even though they are matte and Fairy Cake looks orange? (avoid the other makeup – I was half way through putting it on when I decided to snap these lip creams – see what I mean when I talk about my baggy undereyes?!)

I love these lip creams and I love them even more because they are £2.99. They would be perfect for someone wanting to brave a slightly more bolder lip product than just a lip balm or someone wanting to move in to matte lips without the hassle that matte lips normally bring! All in all, a really excellent buy. I’ll be going back for the other two shades!





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