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Disappointed Products #3 …

Firstly, sorry for the hiatus. I have just been busy, distracting myself with other things – sorting my cupboards/house in general; tidying – or trying to; planning stuff – work and other life; researching stuff – holidays, beauty products and house decorating; binge watching Netflix (Making A Murderer, Pretty Little Liars, House); binge watching YouTube videos (Tati mainly! – if you like makeup, check her out) and trying to claim back PPI (my god – a nightmare!) etc. etc….

Anyway, the point being that I am not the kind of ‘blogger’ to post a post every day, just for the sake of it. I say again, I am not a pro and don’t claim to be – this blog is very very much an amateur blog; it is just me wittering on! Unless I have something interesting to say or tell someone about, or a product I have found is awful/amazing, then I won’t post. I don’t see the point in yabbering on for no reason!

So – onwards … This post is another disappointed post about products that have not impressed me. Some of these products I have liked in the past, but now, for my skin type/tone, they are no longer working for me and I don’t use them. They might work perfectly for you though!


Alpha H Triple Action Cleanser 500ml/£44.50 or 200ml/£25.00 QVC/Look Fantastic/Beauty Bay/HQ Hair – This cleanser is perfect for those of you with oily but sensitive skin. I used this and liked it when I had much oilier skin but now my skin has become more ‘normal’, it is doesn’t do anything for it. It isn’t a cleanser for taking of makeup – it’s a bit rubbish at that – but it makes a perfect morning cleanser. The texture is  a smooth gel – it doesn’t have SLS (yay) so it doesn’t foam (thank god!) – it is just a silky texture that refreshes the skin. That’s about it really. Pricey for what it is to be perfectly honest. I think the highstreet do some much better, cheaper gel cleansers – the key is finding one without SLS/foam. But – it was nice. I used about half the bottle – it lasts AGES. Not sure about the ‘triple action’ thing though …

Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser £28.95/200ml or £22.95/150ml – QVC/allbeauty/ Feel Unique – This is limited edition packaging from a year or so ago (still avaliable at and I was sucked in by the QVC chit chat and purchased it from Feel Unique I think as it was cheaper – but I now wish I’d have just paid the higher price with QVC as I could have sent it back (they do 30 day money back guarantee on all beauty products, so if there is anything ‘dodgy’ that I think might be a pricey mistake, I’ll check if it is on QVC first. This cleanser is a thick, heavily scented cream – it felt way too thick for me and on my skin, it felt like it was still on my skin after cleansing. I didn’t like it at all. I like scented products but this was waaay to strong for me. It also left my skin feeling quite dry – so this might be one for oily skins. I never removed makeup with it, so can’t comment on that. I just can’t get on with it … 😦

Eve Lom Cleanser £55.00/100ml or £28.50/50ml SpaceNK/John Lewis/Cult Beauty/Look FantasticOk. Let’s take a moment … This is apparently the best selling cleanser in the WORLD! Yep. My response to that statement? … WHY?!!!?!?!? My god – this was a horrific cleanser. I HATED IT! To think that this is a) so popular b) so expensive and c) mainly mineral oil – I just have no words as to why you would buy this! The smell – my god the smell! Eurgh – so SO ‘herby’ and strong. Eurgh. The thickness – this is SO thick and hard to move around your face – I found it didn’t give much slip at all and was really hard to move around the face. The mineral oil!? Whaaat?! This (hugely expensive!) product is mainly mineral oil! What the heck costs £55 then?! I hated taking makeup off with it – I actually stopped mid way though and just wiped they whole lot off. Eurgh. I cannot describe how horrible this felt on my skin. It is a bit similar to the Boots Botanics Cleansing Balm – which I used to love but now I’m a bit meh about, so maybe my tastes are changing, but still – this is still a massive fail for me. Massive! I think the world is deluded! And Eve Lom must be laughing all the way to the bank!! Ok – rant over and I apologise for the excessive use of question and exclamation marks …

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox £13.15/Escentual or £15/Boots – This was another meh product. Apparently, this was designed for adults with acne – you apply at night and it makes your skin look better by morning as if by magic! It did kind of make my skin look a little better, but from reading reviews, I was expecting amazing things and it didn’t happen! It is a cream treatment that you apply quite thinly to the skin at night – it apparently works on pores, spots, scars, texture and sebum. It is designed for oily/blemish prone skin – which mine isn’t now normally – but even when I was having mega breakouts, I really didn’t feel like this was all that! I really wouldn’t bother with this unless you have mega oily skin and loads of blemishes – and take it with a pinch of salt. It might be worth a try if that is your skin type – anything else and I’d pass.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask £23.00/100ml Feel Unique/John Lewis/Look Fantastic – Now, this tube is a mini tube (30ml) that I got in a mini mask set from Origins, but I have been through two of the 100ml tubes of this stuff so I would recommend it – but only if you have quite oily skin or big pores. I don’t have especially big pores or oily skin, so this doesn’t work for me anymore. If you do have these skin issues, then once a week this would be a great mask to pop on – but only to the areas that you need it – probably nose, chin and between eyebrows. It is way to harsh to use all over the face so do not do that! Gone are the days where one mask suits the whole face – I usually end up with three different types on my face for different concerns. Anyway – Origins do great masks, and this is no different – but now, for me, it has become a disappointed product as it is far too drying for my skin (which I’m a bit gutted about to be honest!).

Liz Earle Smoothing Line Serum £16.75/10ml Liz Earle/John Lewis – This, like the Eve Lom, mystifies me! It is the strangest conistency for a serum that I have ever known. It is SO ridiculously sticky I had to wait sodding ages for it to dry on my skin, and even then it was so so tacky that moisturiser did not sit on top well – at all. Weird. You don’t get very much for the money. Hydraluron is £25 for 30 ml and is amazing – so this is quite pricey for what you get. I think I’ve used about a 1/3 of the tube and I just couldn’t take it anymore! The texture is so horrible that I just do not want to wear it. It might be perfect for someone who doesn’t use moisturiser? … or someone who has ages to hang about in the morning waiting for a serum to sink in? … or someone who likes a tacky serum?! … But not for me. Who knows if it is amazing at smoothing and firming lines – I didn’t get that far!


Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base (can’t remember the colour as I’ve given it away – I think it was 02 Champagne) £21.45/allbeauty or £23.30/Escentual – Now we all know that I love Clarins products – makeup and skincare alike, and I love the Instant Light range too, but this product was so so rubbish and such a disappointment. I’ve done a bit of research too and it seems on the Clarins website, this doesn’t get reviewed well at all, but on other sites people love it – weird. Anyway – I had high expectations of beautiful, glowy, healthy looking skin – instead I got cakey, flakey, patchy horrible skin. My foundation (no matter which one I tried) looked terrible over it and it well patchy on top; nothing worked on it. I think this is one of the worst primer-type products I’ve ever used, which is a bit statement considering how much love I have for Clarins! So, so disappointed and such a waste of money.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Fluid Touch Foundation in 010 Ivoire £8.99/Boots – Initially, I loved this foundation (for about a week), until I really looked at my skin and realised that it just disappeared in to my face! It took SO much product to cover my face, which is just riduculous when it claims that you just need a drop or two to do a whole face … Hmm. It took about 20 drops I reckon! It was so thin in texture too – and really quite hard to work with. The dropper wand thing is stupid and gimmicky and the product regularly separates in the bottle. I don’t know – I just didn’t ‘get’ it …

Max Factor FaceFinity Primer ‎£10.99/Boots – I’m so sad about this 😦 I used to love this primer – this is my third bottle I think. To my dismay, when I opened this bottle and used it for the first time, it didn’t work. I thought it might be because it was a new bottle – so I tried again and again .. nope. Not working. My foundation separated on it and it just slid around my face! I could be wrong, but I reckon Max Factor have slightly altered the formula of this and now I hate it – which is very annoying as it used to be my go-to high street primer. I also think they’ve upped the price too, which is a bit cheeky; ‎£10.99 for a high street primer is a bit steep! So, unfortunately, off to the disappointed products pile it goes – and hopefully someone else will like it – maybe someone with mega dry skin.

No7 Pop & Glow Cream Blush £9.95/Boots (no idea on the colour shade as there is nothing on the packaging) – This is the third of these Pop & Glow blush sticks I’ve had – they have all been freebies in a No7 Beauty Gift at Christmas over the years. And I’ve given away every one! These things do not work for me – at all! They are not soft or buttery in consistency, but more hard and ‘draggy’ across the skin. I find that they move makeup underneath and they are difficult to blend. I get on much much better with pan cream blushes (Sleek, Bourjois, Max Factor). Again, as I’ve mentioned before, I dislike the Clinique Chubby Stick formula too so maybe it is a stick thing …

Swatches above: Pop & Glow Blush top, Maybelline foundation middle, Clarins base bottom. Right swatch the products have been blended out a bit. 

So there we go – some real let-downs in this post and some really expensive mistakes! Hope they were useful to you …

Thanks for reading






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