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Amazon is my go-to for anything and everything I need, non-beauty related. I know they don’t pay tax and their general ethics are questionable … but to be honest, the ease with which things appear at my door the next day makes my life a lot easier. From car spark plugs to kids pirate hats, emergency Tarzan DVDs to bulk buy cat food, as well as the standard cheap books – Amazon is the place. But I never really thought about shopping for beauty products on Amazon for some reason. Until now…

I’ve been watching YouTube videos and tutorials for years now and many of the channels I watch are American – meaning the products they talk about we cannot get hold of very easily in the UK. I always Google the products that I like the look of and more often than not, I end up on Amazon.


Three brands in particular that you cannot get anywhere else in the UK are Milani, Coty and Wet n’ Wild. Now, I’m off to the USA next week and Milani and W&W are two brands that I will be searching out in Target, Walgreens and CVS – but for everyone else, Amazon is the only place to get hold of them – and there are some real gems!

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette £5.96 (+£3.78 delivery) – Even with the added delivery, this is an excellent value product. W&W are a drugstore/high street brand that is of a quality much higher than one would expect. I’ve been seriously impressed with this palette. The colours are pigmented and soft, easy to blend, and for complete beginners – the browbone/eyelid/crease/definer text printed on the colours is pretty foolproof! I love the fact that you get two different looks from this palette – one neutral and one green toned. The forth colour from the right in the swatch is the most gorgeous, unique, iridescent colour – a bit like petrol. I also have the trio Walking On Eggshells on my shopping list for the USA, as well as their bronzers and highlighers. Definitely worth checking out W&W.

Milani Baked Powder Blush in 05 Luminoso £4.49 – This blush is a bit of USA cult product that has made it’s way over to the UK, probably thanks to Amazon! It is the most beautiful peachy shimmer blush. It is seriously pigmented and gives the cheeks such a beautiful glowy flush – perfect for spring and summer with tanned skin. The compact contains a decent mirror and a brush (which I don’t use). Milani are pretty famous for their baked blushes – there are load of others on Amazon that I have in my basket and on my list. This is a similar texture to the Max Factor Cream Puff Blushes, but the Milani is cheaper. 

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in 02 Bella Sand Shimmer £4.99 – These single eyeshadows are beautiful. The gel to powder formulation is stunning and the shimmer is so fine with no chunky glitter at all. They apply so smoothly and I am so so impressed with them. They last well, are easy to blend and look amazing on the lids. There are loads of colours on Amazon – I fancy the Bella Caffe, Bella Champagne and Bella Cappuccino next. So pigmented and amazing quality for a ‘drugstore’ makeup brand. To compare, the L’Oreal Colour Riche Mono Shadows are £5.99, so more expensive, and I think the Milani formula is better.

Milani Brilliant Shine Lipgloss in 01 Bare Secret £3.99 – This is a gorgeous, nude, so easy to wear lip gloss. I’m not a massive gloss wearer, but sometimes I just want to chuck something on and go – this is perfect. It smells a bit like toffee/coffee which I love, and although it is a gloss so bound to be sticky, it isn’t too sticky. It’s not massively pigmented but I don’t mind that, but it is moisturising. I’d like to pick up some of the more pigmented shades in America and see how they hold up. To compare, Barry M lip glosses are £4.49 and are a much thinner texture and don’t last as long. L’Oreal lip glosses that I featured the other day are £6.99 – so the Milani is much better price wise.

NYX Powder Blush in PB11 Taupe £8.99 – Although this is a blush by name, I bought it and use it as a contour. I am very cool toned (I have pink undertones to my skin and my skin in very pale) and I find a lot of contouring products are very yellow/orange based and they look awful on my skin tone. This is a very cool toned blush so is perfect for contouring my face (when I can be bothered). This too is quite a cult product among pale skinned women because it is so hard to find that shade that doesn’t make us look dirty or tangoed. I’ve used this about five times now and I really like it – it is subtle and creates a subtle contour which is what I wanted (I’m not in to the Kim K tiger stripes down the face job!).


Swatch L-R – Milani Lip Gloss in Bare Secret, Milani Blush in Luminoso, Milani Eye Shadow in Bella Sand and NYX Blush in Taupe

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder £11.26 – I watch a lot of tutorials on YT by Tati and she uses this a lot in her videos. You can’t get this in the UK anymore, but it is a cult product and my nan used to use it (the smell is pretty iconic and takes me back!). Coty was a huge makeup brand years ago – and this powder has been around since 1935 which is impressive. The smell just conjours up images of a 1930’s dance hall, flapper dresses and glamorous women applying this powder with the puff and following with an iconic Hollywood Red lipstick. Ah – I’d have loved to have been around in that era! Anyway, I digress. I use this powder for setting my makeup or when I’m baking my undereyes (I’ve tried this about four times now and I think I’m getting better!). The powder is very finely milled and ever-so-slightly gives a glow to the skin. You can use it alone as a very very lightweight coverage or over foundation. It does last very well on the skin and can easily do all day on me. One point – I don’t use the puff, but I do keep it in there to keep the powder in the pot. 

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge £4.99 – Amazon is a great place to pick up some RT brushes/sponge as they are much cheaper than anywhere else. This sponge is £5.99 at Boots. I had to photograph an old one of mine as my new one hadn’t arrived when I did the photos. This sponge is just as good as the more expensive (£16) Beauty Blender – but in all honesty, there is no real difference. The RT is a little firmer but still bounces foundation on to the face with ease. You do need to use it damp though (either run it under the tap and squeeze our or spray it with a spray toner). Other RT brushes that I recommend that you can get on Amazon are: The Core Collection Kit (4 brushes for £14.50); The Expert Face Brush (£5.99); The Blush Brush (£7.95); The Stippling Brush (£6.45) and The Sculpting Brush (£8.05). Definitely the cheapest place for RT tools and thoroughly recommended. 


Victoria’s Secret Body Mist Coconut Passion £7.69– I’ve used quite a few of these VS body mists over the years. I am not a huge fan of aerosol body sprays, so these are a nice alternative. They are great value for money and last for an eternity. Really good for chucking in your handbag for summer days when you are more conscious of smells! They aren’t the most long lasting but they give a nice pick-me-up when needed. This particular scent is more vanilla than coconut to be honest, but it is still quite nice. I’ve also tried the Mango Temptations and Love Spell – both just as nice and good value. I think, per ml, these are much cheaper then The Body Shop body mists too. 

NB: I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this with Amazon, but I always just add everything to my basket before I want to buy it, leave it in there for a few days (usually a week or so) and the price goes up (as I’ve obviously shown interest) … then, a week later, the price decreases (usually less than what it started off at) – then I buy it. It is worth leave things in your basket for a while to see what the price is going to do. I did this when buying xmas presents back in Sept/Oct and there was quite a difference in the prices between when I first added it to my basket and what it went down to a week or so later. Any decrease saves a bit doesn’t it?! 

So, next time you’re hunting for a new book or something a bit more random (today for me, it was miniature wooden pegs!…), click the beauty section and have a look at some of these gems.



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