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Disappointed Products #4 …

Yet more products that have disappointed me …

As I’ve said before, I research to with in an inch of my life before purchasing most products – makeup and skincare – but occasionally I have the sudden urge to just buy something that I know nothing about. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

This little collection of products contain some ones that I am really quite sad about – I had wanted to love them, or did love them for a while and then they’ve just stopped being good. I think my skin has a lot to do with it as it seems to be getting drier and drier at the moment, and things just aren’t cutting it where they used to: I know my skin has changed when it needs an oil on it for the daytime – which it never normally does!

Anyway – as usual this isn’t a brand bashing post. I love most of these brands and I love lots of their other products, but these just fell short – in my personal opinion.

Here they all all:


Joico Smooth Cure Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner for curly/frizzy/coarse hair £21.51 for the 500ml duo on Feel Unique (I got mine from TKMax for slightly cheaper I think) – This was one of those ‘I’m just going to wander through TK Max and have a look at the beauty stuff’ products. I bought these about 18 months ago when I had just had my hair cut in to a long-ish bob and was embracing my natural curl/wavy style: it lasted all of a month or so before I got fed up and tied it back – way too much faffing in the morning. This was the product duo I used for my curly hair and I can’t say that they did all that much. I like Joico (normally found in salons) and I like that it is sulfate free (really helps with frizz issues) but they were just a bit lackluster really; I didn’t see any difference whatsoever and they didn’t tame frizz or smooth my coarse, thick hair. On the plus side, I’ve only used about a 1/3 of the bottles and they last for ages, so money-wise, quite economical really.

The Sanctuary Spa Cooling Glacial Body Scrub ‎£8.00 Boots – For ages I quite liked this body scrub, but recently I just don’t want to use it. It is just very ‘meh’ and doesn’t excite me in the slightest. I have always liked quite scrubby scrubs – decent grains that actually do something – which this does, but for some reason, recently I have been favouring my Dirty Works creamy body scrub that is much softer and gentle on the skin. I don’t like the fact that this slides around all over the skin for a while before actually getting some resistance and scrubbing. I also don’t like the scent – again, I’m not sure why as this fresh, clean smell is something I normally like. I dunno – there is just something about this product that annoys me and disappoints me in equal measures! Thinking about it, it might be the fact that it is  ‎£8 – which for what it is, is a bit ridiculous really.

So Susan Statement Skin Highlighting Crayon in Star Light US$20.00 – I got this product in a Glossy Box about six months ago and I’d never heard of the brand. I tried the crayon quite a few times, as I love a good highlighter, but this was not great. On the hand, the swatch is lovely – a subtle pale golden shimmer highlight, but when I put this on top of my foundation in the normal highlighting places on my face, it moved my makeup underneath. It was very ‘draggy’ on the skin and didn’t apply in the creamy, soft way I would expect from a decent cream crayon highlighter. I don’t reach for it and pretty much every other highlighter I own I’d use first over this. If you don’t own a highlighter or want a fuss-free one to try out then this might be good for you – just swipe it on, blend and go… but be aware of anything you use underneath.

Clarins Crayon Kohl in 09 Intense Green £12.50 or £17 Clarins – This was one of those ‘what were you thinking?!’ purchases! This was part of the spring 2015 collection that I snapped up without even thinking about what the hell I was buying. A green eye pencil? I have green/blue/grey eyes and this doesn’t look great on me and my skin tone. I find the formula quite hard to work with as it drags along the delicate eye skin and I just do not wear it – I think I’ve used/attempted to use it twice and both times I’ve hated it on me. It is a lovely, gorgeous green colour so I am disappointed that it just doesn’t work on me. On the plus side, it does blend easily and the little smudge brush on the other end is quite decent. For someone with the right mix of skin tone/eye colour, this could be fab. Apparently, having done a quick bit of Googling – green eye liner is best for blue eyes – especially when smudged/used with gold….


Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 Deep Cleansing Milk £5.33 (normally £8) Boots – There isn’t really anything wrong with this cleansing milk, except that I’ve had enough of the peach scent and it is just a bit dull really. I realise I talked about this as a decent budget cleanser recently – which I still very much think this is, if you’ve only got £5 to spend. It isn’t groundbreaking and it isn’t going to change your life, but it cleanses the skin and that is that. Because I have so many other cleansers that I prefer – for many different reasons – I never reach for this, and every time I do I a) hate the scent a little bit more and b) wish I’d used something else. It isn’t a bad product at all, and if you’re on a budget this is amazing value for something that doesn’t have an mineral oil or SLS in; you could do a LOT worse! The bottle is huge and I’ve used this for ages and hardly made a dent. I haven’t used it for makeup removal, so can’t comment on that, but as a basic cleanser it is ok. Just ok.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask £24.00 TBS – Ohhh I’m so sad about this! I never thought this would find a way in to my disappointed products 😦 I started using this again regularly about mid-January and I noticed that whenever I applied it before bed, at the end of my normal routine, it made my face itch. I thought it was just me losing my marbles, but literally every time I put this on my face I was manically itching it. I did a little experiment and put it on my face on days when I was at home all day, after my normal AM routine, and again – itching. I do not know what has happened to my skin or why it is reacting like that all of a sudden, but this has become unusable for me. I used to use this every night (I think I’ve used about half of the jar) and loved it – it was such a nice, light but soothing texture (like jelly) and make my skin feel soft and plump… but now it’s all changed for the worse and I’m gutted. I have tried this again and again over the last few months and the same thing happens every time, so here it is. I’m disappointed and sad that it is time to say goodbye to this gorgeous night mask – very reluctantly 😦


Swatch – left hand side is the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean. Right is TBS Sleeping Mask 


Argan+ Argan 5 Oil Nourishing Lip Balm £3.95 Feel Unique or Waitrose – I should have read the ingredients to this before purchasing … I didn’t and it contains mineral oil and petroleum – epic fail. I refuse point blank to put MO on my lips so this is a complete no no – and I’ve never used it. It smells delicious, but there is no way I will be using it on my lips. Of all the products that I make mistakes with, or neglect to read the ingredients, lips balms are the worst. I just assume that brands wouldn’t be so stupid as to put horrible ingredients in their balms – yet they do. I bought the Eucerin Aquaphor balm recently and the same thing happened with that. It is so annoying! In my defense – more websites need to include full ingredients lists for their products – Feel Unique is awful for this. Anyway, if you’re not fussed about MO or petroleum then you’ll probably love this as it smells divine – coconut, vanilla, argan oil scent. I’ve no idea if it is as hydrating as it claims!

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Nude Kate £23.00 or John Lewis – My eternal quest for the perfect nude lipstick lead me to CT and to the rather iconic Nude Kate. I wrongly assumed that because this was described in reviews as the ‘perfect nude lipstick’ that it would be perfect for me. Wrong. So wrong! This has very brown/yellow undertones to it and when combined with my pinky undertones looks horrific on my lips! I literally look like I’m wearing a swipe of plastic on my lips and that I’m not far from snuffing it. Not flattering and not for me. I tried hard to make it work, layering it with other lippies and switching up the glosses on top, but it just could not give me what I wanted from a nude lipstick. The formula and the lipstick in general is lovely – I really like CT lipsticks, but this ‘perfect nude’ is definitely not for everyone. I have thankfully, made use of it by giving it to a friend with warmer skin undertones – hopefully it’ll work much better for her. Incidentally, I think my perfect CT nude shade is the much pinkier Penelope Pink … it’s on a list!

Aerin Rose Balm Lipstick in Cabana £26.00 Estee Lauder or Selfridges – I got this in the Estee Lauder owned makeup outlet shop in Gunwharf Quays for £17 I think and quite frankly, god knows why I bought it! I hate the scent of rose and this smells of rose – and again, like the CT lipstick above, when I got it home there was just something not quite right about it. Now I’m much more clued up on my undertones and colour bases, I can work out that this is also a yellow/brown toned lipstick that on my pink skin, looks awful. I wish I’d have worked out undertones prior to these two expensive lipstick purchases! It does nothing for me at all, which is a shame as the actual formula is very moisturising and feels lovely on the lips. I gave it a few tries and then abandoned – but it was one very disappointing, expensive purchase. This too has been sent to the said friend mentioned above!


Swatches – top is Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate and bottom is Aerin Rose Balm in Cabana

So there you have it – my latest round of beauty fails – mostly my fault really, as my colour knowledge wasn’t what it now is when buying lipsticks and makeup in general. It is a bit of a minefield, but when you buy a lippie and it is immediately obvious that something isn’t quite right, it is probably an undertone issue.

Also, please don’t be put off by the fact that my once loved, frequently talked about TBS Bouncy Sleeping Mask is in this post. I still love it and would still recommend it, but for some reason, my skin has changed and it no longer likes me. It is however, a gorgeous night cream/mask that is beautiful to use. I’d probably only air on the side of caution if you have super sensitive skin as there must be something in there that has made my skin freak out since it has been super dry. When I had ‘normal’ skin or combination skin, it worked a treat.

Hope that was worth a read!



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