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July Favourites – makeup …

I have to admit, during all of the crazy (for the UK) but gorgeous, hot weather we’ve been having, I have spent most of my time either on the beach or in the sea, so makeup hasn’t really been consistent. However, on the more cloudy-non-beach-days I have been reaching for a few gems that I have below.


I’ve really not been doing anything on my eyes, eye shadow-wise, as simply I cannot be bothered; just a few layers of mascara has been enough for me. It’s definitely been lips and cheeks where the majority of my attention has gone this month – hence the four lip products! Trust me, they all served their purpose and I’d recommend them all 🙂

Base Products …

  1. L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation in Porcelain 1 ‎£14.99 Boots (wait for an offer – don’t pay full price): I spoke about this is my Drugstore/High street Gems post so I won’t harp on again here, however, just know that I love this foundation. It is light coverage, but I find it decent – even on my blemished skin. This isn’t a full whack foundation, but it applies beautifully and feels weightless. Very easy to blend (I use the brush coming in a minute) and lasts a decent time – probably about 7 hours on me. It is the bottom swatch in the photo above.
  2. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Alaska Light 2 £29.00 or Now, truth be told I bought the totally wrong shade in this product. Alaska Light 2 is the second to lightest shade but it was way to dark for me … that is until the British Summer Sun appeared and gave me a bit of a tan (only a tiny bit – the rest is fake!). Now, this matches my skin tone well enough to use (still a touch too yellow based, but totally blendable and workable) – thank god as it is pricey. However, this stuff is GOOD! And it contains broad spectrum SPF30 which is fab too. The texture is quite thick for a tinted moisturiser, but once applied to skin it melts in and is seamless. I apply with fingers and blend out and then go over with a damp Beauty Blender to erase any unevenness. It is light coverage and doesn’t sit in any creases, lines or catch of any dry patches. I love this foundation – a real perfect one for summer… I might even purchase the Light 1 for the winter too.

Blush/Bronze …


3. L’Oreal Glam Bronze Cushion de Soleil ‎£14.99 Boots: This again, as been spoken about before, but boy am I addicted to this product! I have not picked up another bronzer since I got this about 8 weeks ago. I had my eye on Chanel Soleil Tan Bronze Universal but it is £32.00 and after reading review after review, I thought it might be a bit too warm toned and orange on me: that would have been a pricey mistake. Then this L’Oreal gem came along! So, so easy to apply and blend. I apply a big stripe to both cheeks and a dot on my nose and blend in (basically anywhere the sun would normally tan you on the face – or burn in my case!). I also use this as a general ‘warming up skin’ product when I’m wearing more of a paler foundation which doesn’t match my neck/chest at the moment. Overall I adore this – and no shimmer in sight – just beautiful healthy glow. Top swatch below – very heavy swatch.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Colour of Youth Healthy, Happy Lip & Cheek Glow £40.00 Yes this product is pricey, but I am still so so glad I got it. It is the most beautiful, natural pinky cream blush. I’m having a real cream product moment right now – I used to avoid them, but I think for the summer they are working well for me. I use the same big brush below, after foundation and the L’Oreal bronzer, and just blend this on my cheeks – the apple and up. I have also been dabbing this on my lips too – which is also stunning: it is the perfect summer colour (centre swatch below). The packaging is gorgeous with the Limited Edition print on the outside of the compact. This is a real ‘makeup lovers piece’. More affordable dupes come in the form of Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher (£6.99 in Boots or £2.50 on; the Clarins Multi Blush (£16.25; Stila Convertible Colour (‎£16.00 or Bourjois Cream Soleil Blush (£2.50 

5. Benefit Sunbeam Golden Bronze Highlighter £19.50 full size Boots (this is the mini size from this kit which is £14 : I didn’t really know exactly what to do with this, but after some serious review reading and YT-ing, I now know. I dot this on the high points of my cheek bones, after bronzer and blush, and blend in with fingers or a Beauty Blender; the result is a subtle shimmery bronzed cheek  -that looks glowy and healthy without the full impact that a full-on highlighter would give (like the Sleek palette or Becca Champagne Pop). My tube is tiny, but I only use a teeny bit anyway, I’m sure it’ll last for ages. If you like your bronzed glow, you’ll love this. Bottom swatch in the photo below.

(Left swatch is one heavy line – Right is blended in)

Lips …


6. Lancome Juicy Shaker in Wonder Melon and Mangoes Wild £16.20 on or £18.00 in Boots: I admit it – I fell in love with the packaging. These Juicy Shakers are adorable, but what was also pleasing was that the product inside is equally as lovely – which I wasn’t expecting in all honesty. I was one of those teenagers who tried to collect as many Lancome Juicy Tubes as possible – I loved the glittery ones best – so when Lisa Eldridge (now Creative Director at Lancome) released these, I was so excited! They are pretty unique by design and the applicator – a kind of weird sponge thing – is actually very good at distributing the product evenly on the lips. The staying power is pretty rubbish for the gloss/oil element, but the tint does last a good few hours – which is good enough for me. No, you don’t really need more than one – but that one you pick will get a lot of use! They are super moisturising and my lips feel fab after having the gloss/oil on them. I have two shades – Wonder Melon which is the left one above and Mangoes Wild which is the right. Wonder Melon is slightly more orange toned, while Mangoes Wild is a bit pinkier. But, I love both equally – perfect for minimal makeup days but when you still want a bit of colour and moisture.


7. Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips £12.00 Oh my word, I wouldn’t have survived the last two weeks with these two products! I got terribly sunburnt on my first day on the beach after the summer holidays started – but only on my lips. I literally covered myself from head to toe in sun protection …. and forgot my lips. And boy did I pay for that! My lips swelled up so bad I looked like Bubba from Forrest Gump! My whole face shape changed and they were throbbing! I raided my beauty arsenal and came up with these two gems: Dr Lipp Nipple balm is lanolin based and very very thick and concentrated. There is no colour, just clear, thick balm that you smooth over the lips. It is sticky, so I usually use at night to avoid any hair-in-lip situations, but it does the job. Thankfully, only a week or so after the event, my lips are back to normal. This is pretty much the exact same product that you can put on dry/cracked/sore nipples if you’re breast feeding.

8. Clarins Light Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry £15.05 on or £16.80 on Again, this is definitely Holy Grail status here. I absolutely love this stuff. It comes in three ‘flavours’: Honey, Raspberry and Red Berries. I was on a wait-list for this product for a good six months I think and when I finally got my hands on it, it was love. This is the lightest oil you’ll ever put on your lips, but it is SO moisturising that I now cannot live without it. It smells like jam, and tastes like jam, and isn’t overly sticky or irritating and it doesn’t leave you with that manky residue inside your lips; there is no detectable colour or tint though- so that is worth considering if that is what you’re after. The applicator is a nice size and distributes the oil evenly. Honestly – go and join a wait list or get one from Clarins in Newport – they have them there now as I asked on Thursday.


Top to bottom: Dr Lipp Nipple Balm, Lancome Mangoes Wild, Lancome Water Melon, Clarins Lip Oil 

Tools … 


8. EcoTools Bronzer Brush 1229 £8.99 I think that EcoTools are seriously under-rated as a makeup brush brand. I remember buying their brushes about ten years ago and not really paying them much attention. Nowadays, most of my brushes are EcoTools and I love them! They are cruelty free synthetic brushes with sustainable bamboo handles and recycled aluminum ferrules (apparently), but as far as I am concerned, they are just bloody good brushes! This one in particular is the one I’ve been applying foundation, bronzer and cream brush with, as well as the Benefit Sun Beam. I’ve had some serious shedding issues with my Zoeva brushes, so I think between EcoTools and Real Techniques, you cannot go wrong, and you certainly do not need to pay £30 for a MAC or NARS brush. I use a lot of the EcoTools eye shadow brushes and I love their powder brush too.

Okey dokey – that rounds up July’s makeup favourites; I’ve already got things on my list for August too! If you were going to buy one thing? … probably the Clarins Lip Oil and the L’Oreal Bronzer.

Thanks for reading!



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